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Witchcraft, the Russian gothic metal sensation that not that many people know outside of Russia has just recently released it’s fourth full-length album, Cinema. Since the beginning in 2004, the band evolved to a band that’s ready for the big leagues. Fronted by Liudmila Angel who also works as a model, write books and live life to the fullest.

Hi Liudmila, how’s life in Moscow today?

Hi, life in Moscow is like a crazy burning train! You’re in a hurry and everything burns around you and you too.

You sing in the Neo-Gothic Metal band Witchcraft and it’s latest album Cinema is out for a few months now. How were the reactions from fans on the album?

They like it but the waiting was too long for about 5 years. I think the CINEMA is like our previous album “7”, it’s in the same style and sound. Because we were working with the good sound engineer Roman Arsafes, he made all the arrangements and the sound.

When I compare Cinema to Witchcraft’s debut album The Voice From Within I notice that the music has grown a lot and have become more mature. How do you look back on the beginning years from Witchcraft?

I was young and it was so cute to try to express my view of my inner world with the help of the music. I didn’t understand how to do it in a right way but I tried. I was a dreamer so many of my dreams came true!

The artwork for Cinema stands out and differs from the usual artwork that’s used in the gothic scene, who created it and what is the meaning behind it?

The artist is Ilona D. Veresk, she’s also a photographer. The cover means that you are the creator of your own life, you hold a thread of your life and you can cut it whenever you want. You can see some horrifying details on the cover – birds’ skulls and something else, so this fairy world is not as nice as we think, everything has its other side.

Which song is your favorite from Cinema and why?

It is a difficult question because I like many of them. Maybe it is Silent Hill.

When playing live, how do you prepare yourself for a show? Do you warm up your voice?

I prefer to keep calm and sing a little bit, and to use a lot of strange makeup, some gothic cloths and a drop of human blood!

Do you have any practices to keep your voice in a good condition?

Not as often as I want because as you remember everything burns here in Moscow and you too. You have less time; you should work and work and work…

You also write books, what can you tell us about that?

So everybody who knows me especially abroad knows me as a singer, not a writer but I can say that I’m a writer first and then a singer. I write horror and mystic books but they are all in Russian, I hope one day I can write them in English.

What are your ambitions for the future? What would you like to achieve?

I want to be a stage director of horror movies and earn enough money from my creations so that I’m able to create more. I don’t want to be a rock star, I want to be an iconic person so that after my death many people can say: “She was so strange and her life was so interesting with all those mystic things”. And also I want to help musicians, artists and animals.

Last one, what are your favorite bands at the moment?

I like EvanescenceIn This MomentDie FormNightwishWithin Temptationand some others. They all are the whole epoch for me!

Buy Cinema, the latest album from Witchcraft, HERE

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