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Crone, Australian underground doom/death

"I don’t really pay much attention to other so-called “doom” bands from around here & I feel that we are a little different from most of them"

An old interview that we put here for archive purposes

Crone is a fairly new band with members from other bands. When did it all start for Crone?

Crone isn’t actually a new band as such though we have just gotten our first release out. Crone has been floating around in one form or another since around the year 2000 when I wrote what would become Ride the Night Winds. Trying to secure a stable line up, other musical projects & life seemed to always get in the way. We have had a couple of lineups but they always seemed to die out but I never gave up & for a lot of the time it was only me writing and keeping it alive!

Mandy came on board sometime around 2008/2009 and we just bashed away as a two piece. We made a couple of recordings for ourselves at this time with me playing the drums & guitars & Mandy playing bass & singing. Finally, around 2010/2011, we got John on board to help with the drums for a recording & he ended up joining. Things started to move quickly from there, well quickly in Crone terms anyway.  Hopefully, we can start getting some more things out a little more regularly from now on in. Though we all live so far from each other at the moment that it might end up slowing things down again but not as slow as before. Just another hurdle to overcome.

The debut album has been released as a cassette limited to 100 copies only as far I could find. Will it be released in some other format may be in the future?
Yes, that is correct it was released on tape by Abysmal Sounds from Australia and it has now sold out on this format. It was limited to 100 copies as we were going to release it on other formats as well. It wasn’t limited to 100 to make it a cult or anything like that which a lot of bands are getting into these days, especially new bands which to me is fucking stupid. Yeh what a great idea to make your first release limited, a great way to let people hear you! It astounds me the way people think these days! As soon as the tapes sold out Abysmal Sounds put it up as a digital download. Abysmal Sounds had never sold any release through this medium & they wanted to test the waters to see how it goes. If anybody is interested they can purchase it from here;

It will also be available soon on CD. It is being released by another great Australian label, Aurora Australis, so keep your eye’s peeled for that one also.

With 4 tracks clocking almost 50 minutes total I guess it’s hard for Crone to put all the ideas into a short period of time. Or is it just the slow pace you like?
That’s just how they turned out it wasn’t planned or anything & it doesn’t mean all songs will be as long as these. It’s not a rule that we write by, the songs will choose their own length! I actually think that as a first release that it’s maybe a little too long but three of the songs are quite old now so I wanted to get them out of the way so that we could move on. Though one or two of them may rear their ugly heads in the future as I was not completely happy with the recording. That was completely my fault, I went about recording the wrong way. I made mistakes that I won’t be making again.

I don’t really think about the pace, we have slow parts & faster parts I just go with what feels right. When I was younger I may have focused on things like that but now I don’t really think about it. I do what I want & won’t be limited by any “genre’s” guidelines! There are so many clones around that write to a predictable blueprint, I’ll leave the spoils for them. I write for myself these days and try to make myself happy. If other people like it that’s great if not that’s fine also.

I’ve noticed the speed up in Carcossa which kinda continues in The Blade. Is there some sort of a story behind the songs?
I like to put twists & turns into the songs. The Blade is the newest of the songs so that is probably why it may seem a little different than the other songs. I’m in a different place now in my life compared to when I wrote those first songs. The three other songs are fairly old now with Ride the Night Winds being written around the year 2000 and as you can imagine I have changed a lot since those days and so has my musical approach. There are some common threads running through our songs but I will leave that to the listener to decide for themselves what we’re rambling about! Though some of the titles to give it away, just a little!  Ha ha ha ha……

Australia is not around the corner from where I live. How is the doom scene over there? And if people would like to get in touch with Crone, what’s your preferred way for them to do it?

I don’t really pay much attention to other so-called “doom” bands from around here & I feel that we are a little different from most of them. I personally feel that there is a lot of bandwagon jumping going on and some of these bands to me are insincere. I’m not lumping all of the bands from around here into this category either. There are also a lot of bands that claim to be doom but have nothing to do with doom at all. A lot of the sludgy stoner & gothic death bands are fond of doing this. To me, these styles have nothing to do with doom metal at all.

Australia seems to have had more death doom bands than true doom bands, especially during the ’90s but seriously they only amounted to a handful of bands.
There was a long period of time that there were hardly any people listening to doom over here & then all of a sudden all these “doomsters” came out of the woodwork! A lot of them to me seem to be posers & are only following the trend of the moment. I wish that people could just think for themselves and stop trying to be part of the herd, like it because you like it and not just to try to impress your Facebook friends. I don’t know I’m pretty old & jaded and get worked up over it and I know that some people around here do not like my views but fuck them! Ha ha ha ha.

People can contact us via email – – We don’t have facebook & never will as I think it is the root of all evil! But yeah feel free to email us!

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