Interview with Krysta from grindcore outfit Transient


The Transient + Bastard Noise collaboration on the Sources Of Human Satisfaction album is one of a kind. Extreme, loud and in your face. Krysta answered some questions.

Hi Krysta, what music is currently on your player?

I listen to such a variety of music – from hip hop to Neurosis, to Fiona Apple, to Huey Lewis and The News (although, Huey is mostly due to sharing a home with my husband Brandon, who plays bass in Transient – he’s a huge Huey fan). So many of our friends are coming out with awesome music, too. A few off the top of my head are; Born A lot – hardcore from Portland, OR, Chvrch – from Sacramento, CA, Yob from Oregon, Thra, Woundvac, and Ice Sword – all from AZ. There is really too much to mention but that’s a start.

With Transient the new album is on its way, it’s been for about five years since the debut album was released and there was a short split in 2015. How was it to be back in the recording studio for a full album?

The recording studio is always so fun! For this album, we especially loved working with Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer in Oakland, CA. He has such an impeccable ear for this sort of music and is so chill and hilarious. Working with Eric Wood’s engineer and Producer Michael Rozon was also such a pleasure – he is a master at harnessing the frequencies of harsh noise.

Eleven songs and about twenty minutes of music, was the length of the album something that just happened or did you choose to keep it at this length?

We wanted to keep the album at 45 RPM to retain all the proper frequencies and with our music being so abrasive we didn’t want to be too long-winded about it. I feel like this style is best served short, fast and loud.

A powerful addition to the sound is the noise from Bastard Noise’s Eric Wood. How did the process go for adding those noise samples, was it a band effort or did Eric it by himself?

We communicated about the concept and lyrical content with Wood and conceptualized noise together. He lives in LA and he likes to work with his specific engineer so we were happy to have him do his thing there. We would send music back and forth and then give feedback and amend – it was really fun and we just love Mr. Wood so much. He is an amazing individual and we feel that he is now a member of Transient. Skull power.

Will there be a second collaboration with Bastard Noise?

Yes, that is absolutely the plan – we performed our collaborative album in Colorado at 71 Grind IV which it was an amazing fest put on by our dear friends Bryan and Sean Ostrow. It was such a great experience performing Transient with Bastard Noise and we intend on doing this live again.

How are the new songs performed on stage?

When we collaborate with Wood on stage we use lots of visual queues and we rehearse all together beforehand. The noise devices Wood uses are finicky and have a lot of variation in sound so we all must know queues. The frequencies also require a powerful PA system. We try to keep it as close to the album as possible. When we’re not able to have Wood join us we try to keep the music flowing and keep stage banter to a minimum – letting the music speak for itself.

What is the story behind the album artwork?

Once we determined that the album would be collaborative in nature we asked two of our favorite artist friends to design panels in their styles – Alexa Simpson did all the cartoons on the back of the album and S. Jordan Palmer did the front. We wanted them to draw things that make people feel happy and satisfied. They nailed it! Their styles go so well together and they did a really good job of making enjoyable activities look a little unsettling kind of like R. Crumb drawings. We love what they created.

You’re active in multiple bands with different styles of music. How do you find the time to work with all those bands?

I just like making strange music – I don’t really think about it as work – and just chew on one project at a time. Yelling vocals are kind of like shadow work too because it’s such an aggressive act so it’s like exercise. It helps balance me emotionally. It’s fun and good practice.

Future plans for Transient? Did I hear rumors about a European tour?

Yes! I am actually answering your questions from the airport – we’re about to board a flight to Germany where we’ll meet our friends from the band Trigger and we will tour with them in multiple countries in Europe. You can see more about that tour on our Facebook page! We’re excited – this is our first tour in Europe. We also plan to tour with Wood in the states soon … and may get out of the country again next year.

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