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As a band you have to be determined to get to the point where you want to be, it’s usually long hours beside the normal day jobs, on the road to promote the band and music, finding a record label that’s willing to pay for the recordings and do promotions for it and then finally, you maybe get some recognition and fans that appreciate all the hard work that’s been done. In the case of Bloodhunter from Spain, it’s not different. The band is active for 10 years now and recently released their second full-length album The End of Faith. But hard work pays and that also goes for Bloodhunter, the album is fantastic and the number of fans is growing each day.

Hi Diva, how are things going at the moment?
Hi! Thank you so much for your questions! We are pretty excited about our future plans: we are working on the upcoming tour dates and we’ve just announced that we will be playing at some of the best Spanish Summer Festivals for this 2018 like Resurrection Fest, Otero Brutal Fest or Leyendas del Rock!

“The End of Faith” is out for a few months now, how has the overall response been so far from music critics and fans on the album?
We released this album last October and we’ve been receiving very good feedback from fans and press since then. There’s a big evolution in this new album. We wanted to go a step further so we changed the recording and the production processes. Also, we have a new drummer and we have improved our skills individually: in my case, my singing is much different from the vocals on the first album. We are very happy that people realized how hard we’ve been working to get a better sound in the last 3 years.

The End of Faith has been released via Xtreem Music, happy so far with them?
Absolutely! We were very happy with the previous record label (Suspiria Records) but we just wanted to try a new way of working. Xtreem Music is a well-known record label in the extreme metal scene with a very experienced team, so we are very proud of being one of their bands so far!

What’s the deeper meaning behind the album title?
We all have been through a time in our lives where we had to make some difficult choices: our bass player, Éadrom left his job as an English teacher to dedicate full-time to work as a producer, sound engineer and touring musician; I dedicated more time to give the Extreme Vocal Lessons and I participated in the Spanish edition of the TV Show “The Voice” … things have changed a bit since our beginnings. “The End of Faith” represents that time of your life when you know that you should leave all these things behind that don’t contribute to your personal growth. Sometimes it’s not easy, sometimes you feel scared and things don’t go as you planned before but you must keep on fighting to discover what you want in your life and who you are.

The End of Faith is Bloodhunter’s second full-length, how do you feel the new album compares to previous material? Personally, I think your voice has become darker and more varied.
Thank you! I´ve been working very hard to improve my skills: when we recorded the first album I couldn´t growl properly. I just had one sound and that´s all that I could do at that time. I started to rehearse more frequently and I learned a lot from the students that came to me to the Extreme Vocal Lessons: there are so many ways of singing even for growling that I had never tried on my own! That made me think about giving me the chance to try new things and exploring new paths. In relation to the music, Fenris has influenced our sound with different elements from the neoclassical style, added some groove… and Éadrom co-wrote and produced a couple of songs for the very first time. Also, our new drummer did excellent work and probably you can find a richer sound in the composition.

Which song on “The End of Faith” is your favorite when playing live?
Well, we’ve just played this album at once with our current drummer… we met each other that day indeed! haha …and everything was great, he fits perfectly with our music. Probably “Let the Storm Come” or “Possessed by Myself” will be some of my faves but I also like “The Queen Beast” which is dedicated to Maria Kolokouri (Tristessa) who sadly passed away 4 years ago. She’s my main influence and I cannot help adding an extra of emotional feelings in my singing.

Do you have any practices to keep your voice in good condition?
Sure… My instrument is something that I really care about because I had big problems in the past: I used to lose my voice in almost every show if I sang for more than half an hour. I use to do my warm-up, some exercises to get my diaphragm strong and I use to rehearse almost once a week.

I noticed you also give Extreme Vocal Lessons, do you have advice for other singers looking to develop their own sound?
Yes! I started in 2015 when some girls came to me looking for some coaching. I didn´t study singing but I learned from my experienced what you NEVER should do if you don´t want to get hurt on your vocal chords. Sometimes I teach to people who never growled before and sometimes professional vocalists come to me to improve their sound. I am very happy that I decided to start this adventure, I learned a lot as a vocalist!

What will 2018 bring for Bloodhunter? Will there be some kind of tour to promote the album?
Sure! We are working on the following tour dates for this 2018 including Summer Festivals. We are working on the idea of playing in different countries outside of Spain or Portugal: we’d like to spread our sound as much as possible!

The last one, thanks for answering so far. Any closing comments?
Thank you so much for your support and for giving us the chance of spreading the word about us! See you all on the road… Stay Bloody!

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