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Melodic death metal with a strong Arch Enemy influence, there’s no reason in denying that. In fact, Nemesis from Serbia is proud of that. And why shouldn’t they be proud of that? With only a couple of songs released so far, Nemesis star is already rising till unknown heights. Okay, I’m a little exaggerating right now but in Serbia, the band is already well known, it’s just a matter of time before the rest of the world starts liking them. With the debut album on its way, I wanted to do an interview with Sanja, the frontwoman from Nemesis.

Hi Sanja, how are things at this moment in Serbia?
Hi, Stefan! Currently, things are going pretty fine for our band. We and our brothers and sisters in arms are doing our best to promote our small but strong metal scene here. Maybe you should come and visit our country sometimes because we have a lot of good metal bands to offer.

Put me on the guest list for your next gig then :). Can you tell us a little more about Nemesis? How did the band get together?
Well, me and Alexandra, our guitar player, wanted to form a band that would play Arch Enemy influenced music, and I contacted Selena the drummer, and then it all happened!

Was it the goal to create an all-female band or did this just happen with the right people being at the right place at the right time?
A bit of both, since the three of us were girls, we thought it would be nice to form an all-girl band, and we contacted Anja and Tijana to join us!

There are over 40 bands listed as Nemesis worldwide, why did you choose Nemesis as the band name? Did it have a special meaning?
Yeah, it had special meaning for two reasons. First, we are all huge fans of Arch Enemy, and on our first session, we played their song Nemesis. Second is that we like the goddess from Greek mythology and identify with her lore.

How are the reactions so far from fans on the music?
So far, reactions are great! We always tend to have good chemistry with the audience while we are on the stage, and after that, we are always looking forward to meeting new fans and friends.

Lyrically Nemesis deals with 21st-century problems, such as capitalism and globalization. What is the biggest problem according to you the world have at this moment?
There are many problems, but if I were to select only one I would say that we are overloaded with pieces of information from all over the globe and that often people cannot divide truth from lies and form critical thinking. We have a bunch of information from various sources and sometimes people don`t know how to choose right from wrong or to even find out what is the best or the most rightful way for them.

What can we expect from Nemesis in the nearby future? And if we look further away, where will Nemesis be within 5 years?
You can expect our debut album! And our performance at Exit festival, which is the biggest music festival in Serbia. We are hoping that in 5 years we will have the opportunity to perform at various festivals around Europe and share the stage with the bands we are looking up to.

If there would be an opportunity to go on a tour as support act for another band, with which band would you like to go on tour with?

And to which places?
All of them! Especially Japan.

Who influenced you the most at the beginning of your career and who are your current favorites? Is there another type of music you would like to sing?
Angela Gossow (ex-Arch Enemy) influenced my singing the most in the beginning and she is still my favorite. Also, there is no other type of music I would like to sing.

The last one, feel free to tell us something we don’t know yet about Nemesis.
We are currently preparing new material for the album that nobody yet heard and we can`t wait to hear reactions from fans and friends! Also, the fun fact is that we consider each other more of a family than just bandmates.

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