Mist, all-female doom from Slovenia


An old interview that we put here for archive purposes

MIST is an all-female doom metal band from Ljubljana, Slovenia. With their recently released demo 2013 they already are making a name for themselves in the landscape of occult/rock doom. Praising critics are flying around the web and the demo sold out quickly. Being the curious dude that I am I thought it was necessary to know a little more about them. Neža was so kind as to answer a few questions.

There were two tracks on demo 2013 and Mist exists since 2012. I’m guessing there are more songs written since 2012 so why was the choice to put only two songs on the demo?

We did not start writing our own songs right in the beginning, at first we wanted to see if we fit together as musicians and as a band. We started writing somewhere around December 2012 (when we were playing together for 5 months) and indeed, we have more than two songs. With the Demo 2013, we wanted to present what we’re about to our friends and local scene and we felt two songs would be enough, it surprised us we got so much attention after we released it.

Between ‘Phobia’ and ‘The living dead’ are some differences as ‘The living dead’ is a little more an upbeat kinda song while ‘Phobia’ has more the occult rock/doom references. Which style will Mist develop more in the future?

It’s hard to say, we are definitely staying somewhere in doom, but we are not going to make songs that sound, all the same, we like to do something different in each one.

How does the writing process take place for songs, is it a group effort or someone specific who write the main stuff?

Ema and Neza write most of the lyrics and usually the main riff, the rest is teamwork, all of us combine ideas and try what we think works better for a certain song.

Slovenia isn’t known for its doom scene, at least not at my quarters. How hard, or perhaps easy, is it to gain publicity in Slovenia?

We are the only Slovenian doom metal band, we have a couple of stoner/sludge bands but that is all. So probably we gained more publicity because of that, and the fact that all of us are women still shocks some people who think metal is men’s thing (or that the only women in metal are singing in symphonic or gothic bands). I think it’s easy to gain attention in Slovenia if you are creating something different (as I said, we are the only doom band around here), because our scene is really small, everybody knows each other and the word gets around quickly.

What can we expect from Mist on stage?

Well at the moment we only have one guitarist, so it’s going to be a bit different from the demo, but we will do our best to play a show worth attending. You can expect slow, hypnotizing riffs as well as more upbeat songs, haunting whispers and witching screams.

The physical demo is sold out I saw. Will there be some sort of re-press or was the number of pressings just it?

It has been reprinted once already, and right now we can’t say if we are doing it again. We have a few other things planned which are not to be made public yet but keep an eye on our profile on Facebook or Tumblr, we post all of our updates there. Cheers, Neža.

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