Besvärjelsen, Q&A with Lea about the debut full-length (and other things)

Besvärjelsen - Lea Amling

Besvärjelsen formed in 2014 by members from bands like DozerGreenleafAfgrundLastkaj and V. The band has strong ties with doom but it’s too easy to say it’s only doom as there can be influences from good old hard rock, folk, and progressive metal found. Besvärjelsen first EP was released in 2015 and yet another EP was released in 2016. The first full-length Vallmo will hit the streets in March and Lea Amling (vocals) was so kind as to answer some questions.

Hi Lea, how are things in Sweden at this moment?
In Sweden, we are having a full-blown winter. A few weeks ago I was super excited that we had all this snow but I’m getting pretty fed up now. I’m so ready for summer, I’m already wearing sneakers in total denial.

I guess you feel excitement at this moment as your debut album is almost released. Can you tell a little more about the album?
I’m very excited! We started working on the album in 2016 and we finished the recordings in 2017 so I’m just counting down the days until release. ”Vallmo” consists of 8 tracks, vocals are in Swedish and English, and I would say it’s a good representation of where we are right now. Finding a unique sound is hard but on ”Vallmo” I think we planted a seed that we will grow amazing things from. The record will be released by Suicide Records but we are also supported by DalaPop, a local company who works with and supports bands from our region (Dalarna).

How did the collaboration with Suicide Records come to exist?
Well, Henke has always been a great supporter of the band and has cheered us and banged his head at shows. I guess he convinced Roger to come to a show and we did our things and it all just clicked and now here we are. It’s hard to find a record label run by people who actually love music and don’t only see you as cash. Right now we are surrounded by genuine music lovers and Suicide has a stable of amazing bands that we are happy to call family.

How did the name of the band come about?
Besvärjelsen means Conjuring and we chose it because it sounds badass as fuck. We realize people outside of Sweden must be like ”how the fuck do you say this” but we like it. It’s cool. It was Besvärjelsen or Orkester Korv. We had a knife fight about it and Besvärjelsen won.

Two EP’s were released till now by Besvärjelsen, when comparing them to the upcoming album, what are the big differences then?
I would say the difference is HUGE. A few members changes have taken place and that always influences the sound. The album is deeper, more mature and just has an overall vibe that I really love. A few of us in the band moved from the big city out to the countryside and that has definitely affected us. I was stressed out and a nervous wreck recording the first EP’s, now I’m a zen fucking Buddha with cry control and confidence. I hope people will be happy with the sound.

What can you tell about the artwork for Vallmo?
The artwork is created by an amazing Swedish artist named Emelie Draper/Blodpest. I’ve always been in love with her style and she was my first choice for creating the art for the album. She is also one of the coolest and smartest people in Sweden so we are very lucky she wanted to draw this!

I believe it will be released as a double LP limited to 300 copies. If it gets sold out, and I believe it will, will there be a repress?
You would have to ask our label about this but I don’t think a re-issue will be impossible! But in case, you should pre-order it so you don’t miss out on the first sweet batch!

How did you discover your own style of singing?
I started singing when I was a kid, I was in a child group and we did a lot of talent shows and stuff, we were supercool. I’ve sung for the Royal Family and all. I always loved to be on stage but I was bullied a lot for it in school and it left deep marks on my confidence. I started screaming in hardcore and punk bands and stayed in that scene for a few years. I was too shy to ever sing ”clean” in front of anyone but when I was 21 I started singing in a band called ”Bandet Alltså” and my friends in that band are the reason I’m able to do anything musically today. They inspire me, have pushed me, cheered and encouraged me and my singing in ways I could never explain. I’m forever thankful for their cheers and friendship.

I’ve noticed the tattoo’s, is that something that has a special meaning to you or do you see it as body improvement?
Most tattoo’s I’ve gotten while drunk so I can tell you a bunch of fun stories but no, they don’t have any deep meaning behind it other then I like looking like a criminal.

After the release of Vallmo, what will 2018 bring for Besvärjelsen? Can we expect Besvärjelsen on a tour through Europe?
We would like world domination, free food and a bunch of shows! We want to release the album before we start planning things, but a tour is definitely going to happen!

Thanks for answering, anything left that you would like to mention?
I wish I had something cool and important to add but I’ll just say, BUY THE ALBUM and PIZZA IS GOD. Thank you for your time!

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