Will you come to the sabbath with Psychedelic Witchcraft? Interview with Virginia Monti

Psychedelic Witchcraft - Virginia Monti

Psychedelic Witchcraft’s music sounds exactly as what you expect with a band name like Psychedelic Witchcraft, vintage occult rock with a fuzzy low end. Throw in some acid rock and the divine vocals from Virginia Monti and the temperature will be elevated for sure. Psychedelic Witchcraft is a band that I follow since their debut album The Vision from 2016. Late 2017 Listenable Records released their second full-length Sound of the Wind and to complete the band’s discography, 2 EP’s and a single were released in 2015 and also a compilation was released by Soulseller Records in 2017. Vocalist Virginia was so kind to answer some questions.

Hi Virginia, how does your perfect lazy Sunday looks like?

Hi! A glass of wine, some horror movies and a guitar would surely do haha.  A walk in the city is always good.

Where does your interest in horror movies come from? I’ve read somewhere you always dedicate one song to something related to horror movies, which song from Sound of the Wind has this honor?

Well, my Father made me watch The Exorcist when I was little and that started it all with horror movies haha. I love the great Italian directors (Argento, Fulci, Bava), love the Hammer movies (many of which star Christopher Lee), love Rosemary’s Baby from Polanski and many more. In this album the movie-song is The Warrens. It’s related to The Conjuring movies which actually tell the story of Ed and Loraine Warren, the most important seekers of the supernatural in my eyes.

Who or what inspires you as an artist?

The first ever rock album I ever listened to was Led Zeppelin II. I was 8 at that time, it started it all. Then came Black Sabbath and more.  I love blues-jazz singers such as Aretha FranklinBig Mama ThorntonEtta JamesHowlin’ WolfMuddy Watersand Amy Winehouse too, all have had an influence on me as an artist.

Can you tell a little about the lyrical theme on your latest album Sound of the Wind?

The whole album is an introspective journey to the core of our soul. I’d start with the path of 4 albums, each one dedicated to a different element. The vision was fire, while Sound of the Wind is air. The air element represents aspects such as intelligence, creativity, introspection and wonder. The first two are related to our musical growth. We feel we have a lot yet to give but it’s been a leap from our debut album. The words are definitely related to life experiences which continue to influence very personal in the most part.  Each song touches either a sensation, an emotion or a fear.

The 70s vibe is strong in your music, what are your favorite bands from that era?

Led ZeppelinBlack Sabbath and Jefferson Airplane. I’d also name Fleetwood MacSantanaHendrixFreeCreamPink FloydMountainThe Doors, there are so many but those are the artists that brought me here.

Psychedelic Witchcraft - Virginia Monti

What is the ultimate kick of being on stage?

I think having the chance to express yourself and communicate to people, feeling the audience involved and having fun. This sums up the feeling of being truly free.  It’s like nothing can stop you.

Is a good appearance on stage important to you? Is there a special item that you always take with you on stage, a good luck charm maybe?

I think visuals matter as much as the music does. Times have changed and when watching a show, visuals always play their role nowadays. Visuals make the music more interesting, they create a place for the magic to happen, they contextualize the whole thing. They’re fundamental. Good luck charms, not really, as long as I have my microphone and I feel right with my look, I am ready to go.

Which song from Sound of the Wind is your favorite when playing live?

Rising on the Edge, it’s the most personal song in the album and also the one I feel has the most energy. We keep it as last track of the set, as a powerful goodbye.

Do you have any practices to keep your voice in good condition?

A good breathing method while singing is one of the most important things along with being well rested. One should respect voice and body in order to have it performing in the best way possible. Being careful with everything that could damage the voice or let it down always counts too.

You started in 2015 with the band, are you happy with the way things are going for the band or is there something that could be better?

At the time, I could not expect the project to grow this much but so far I’m happy with the way things have evolved. The more it goes on, the more serious it gets. I want to thank everybody who supported the band and believed in it through all this time though, it means the World to us. I wish we played a lot more shows!

And to round it up, future plans for Psychedelic Witchcraft? How do you keep the momentum going for Psychedelic Witchcraft?

The last single will be The Warrens which will be supported by a music video due to come out in late March. We took it to another level this time. Future plans are surely touring as soon as possible, bring the music out! We’re confirmed for HRH Doom Vs Stoner on 29th-30th September 2018, Sheffield 02 Academy and we have a few more to be announced.  Of course, there is always live activity around the corner, so we hope to catch up soon!

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