Conjonctive, the Swiss hidden secret. Q&A with Sonia

Conjonctive - Sonia Ka

Brutal Deathcore with a surprising mix of male and female vocals, when thinking of Switzerland usually comes in mind watches, army knives, and chocolate but after you heard Conjonctive you might wanna add them to that list. Sonia shares the vocal duties with Randy and the two of them completely kill, they are a strong force that drives Conjonctive to high altitudes. Learn more about them through the chat I had with Sonia.

Do you need a certain attitude or character to survive as a musician especially since you’re in a heavy band?

No, I don’t think so. I always try to be myself: friendly and easy going. When people are hiding behind an attitude it’s obvious! I think that the contrast between a smiling person who makes heavy music is much more interesting than a guy with an attitude. 

Conjonctive - Sonia Ka
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When did you start singing and why did you want to sing?

As far as I remember, I always sang. I started with metal when I was 14 with my first band. It was a big coincidence because a guy that I just met asked me to try the vocals in his new metal band because they just threw out their singer. I went to the audition and this “thing” came out of my mouth. They were surprised and so was I. I played with them for four years and then we stopped with the band. I learned a couple times after the audition that in fact, their first idea was to contact people for singing just to laugh at them… guess it didn’t work.

Which song on In the Mouth of the Devil is your favorite when playing live?

Falling in the Mouth of the devil is my favorite song because of its atmosphere which is dark and heavy. This song brings me straight to hell.

How do you prepare yourself for a show? Do you have a certain ritual?

I am always the last one from the band to prepare myself. I do some quick stretching and breathing exercises before I start preparing my booze. When there is rum, I am the happiest person on the planet 

It’s been a year now since In the Mouth of the Devil has been released, looking back at it now, what could have done better according to you?

I’ll never be entirely happy with myself… I’m a person with a lot of doubts and with a constant fear of failure. I think I can be bolder when concerning the vocals maybe.

Were there any memorable moments during the recording of the album or the writing process?

Yes! It’s still a secret between Randy & me but I think that the time has come to reveal it to the guys. Constellations & black holes was a total improvisation during the recording. When The music started to play, I had no idea what I was listening. I realized that it wasn’t the music for which I had created the lyrics. I was so ashamed that I didn’t tell anybody and I just placed the lyrics at one time. I was so lucky that everything matched perfectly so I didn’t change anything. When we left the studio and Randy told me ” Good job” I told him my terrible secret.

Did everybody have his/her own task during the writing process or was it a real band effort?

The musicians have great collaboration all together, although everyone is very focused on their own knowledge. We always share our opinion, even when we’re not totally in agreement altogether. Finally, we are lucky to be on the same level, it helps a lot to have a smooth writing process.

You’re singing together with Randy, how gets decided who sing which piece of lyric from a song? Is it sometimes a battle between you and Randy who gets what?

No, never. In fact, we’re proceeding with our “crush”. When we listen to a song for the first time Randy and I are talking together and if he says that he really super like this song and is “sensitive” to it than he will write it and choose the lyrics distribution. Fortunately, it always worked like that and we never have the same feeling regarding a song. He always let me write the song I wanted to. The moment of discovering a new song wrote by each other is always exciting.

In 2014 you won two awards with the band for among other things most promising Swiss rock song. Did those awards help the band in any way?

It helped financially! We went on our tour thanks to what we won and it was very helpful because most of us were still studying at that time.

I like the artwork you used for In the Mouth of the Devil, who’s idea was it to create something like this or did Colin Marks have a free hand to create something?

Thank you. Colin received a letter from Randy who manages all the artwork with him. I wasn’t excepting something cool like that. We’re all very happy with his job. It is totally in line with the general mood of the album.

Last one, what can we expect in the future from Conjonctive?

More violence, more love and of course our 3rd album!

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