Meet Kaija Kinney, the woman behind Metalocalypstick Fest

Anarcheon - Kaija Kinney

In 2018 the third edition of Metalocalypstick Fest will take place in Lone Butte, BC at the Lone Butte Community Center during Canada Day weekend June 30th and July 1st. The Canadian festival embraces the power of women in metal, punk and rock and all the bands on stage have at least one woman in the line-up. Responsible for the organisation of Metalocalypstick Fest is Kaija Kinney who is also the vocalist in Anarcheon, an melodic death metal band from Canada.

Hi Kaija, this year it will be the third edition of Metalocalypstick. What has changed compared with the previous editions?

Not too much. We did scale back on our headliners a bit, not in talent of course but in popularity. Once the momentum starts up we will go for bigger headliners.

Metalocalypstick is a festival that has its focus on women in rock and metal and not only on the vocal parts, what made you decide to lay the focus on women and what was your philosophy with Metalocalypstick when you started it?

I think that with all the woman empowerment movements it just made sense. But for me personally I feel that woman/young girls aren’t as encouraged or confident into playing heavy genres. So it’s a cool concept for them to be able to see all these rad musicians of all types playing all in one show. Another thing is just showing how well woman and men work together, we all bring unique aspects to music and its awesome to see so much more woman in metal.

It’s an all ages festival, are there bands you don’t want to play cause their show might be to shocking for young visitors?

So far no! I think ever metal head wishes for their kids and other kids to be metal heads as well.

When do you consider the third edition of Metalocalypstick a success?

After everyone has left and I begin receiving messages of how awesome the fest was and seeing all the posts made about the fest. That’s the best part for me!

Which acts are you most exited to catch at this year’s festival?

All of them of course! But I am extra stoked to see At Dawns EdgeDeldesierto and Sirens Rain. Simply for the fact they are from out of the country and I haven’t had the pleasure in seeing them yet!

What bands are on your wishlist for future editions?

I’d love to get Jinjer and Walls of Jericho on there.

There’s a lot of musical diversity on stage during the festival, how do you pick the bands

I like to make sure there are all types of genres and well as a diverse woman to instrument roll.

When creating the time table for the festival, do you try to place the bands in a certain position on the time table so that a certain atmosphere is created and continuous when bands change on stage?

I tend to like to do the black and white kind of thing. Switch it up to keep it interesting!

What do you hope that the audience get out of the festival?

All I can hope for is everyone has a great time, feels comfortable and safe and want to come back again.

Metalocalypstick donates 100 percent of the proceeds to local relevant charities, what motivates you to do this?

I want this to be an awesome music festival but I also want to use it as a platform to give back to the community once we can generate funds.

Your also in an band, Anarcheon, and will be playing this year’s edition, do you have enough time to prepare yourself for the show when you also have to manage the festival?

Indeed I am! I’d go with a solid no hahaha. Not mentally anyways. But once I get up on that stage it all goes away.

Last one, best underground band from Canada we all should check out?

That’s a hard one! Honestly my favorite local band is The Waning Light. There’s sooo many good ones though like God Said KillThis Gun For HireOf ArtistryExpain… to name a few.

Metalocalypstick 2018 Line Up:

June 30th
Siren’s Rain
The Vth Circle
Breaking The Silent
Disturb The Dead
Crimson Caliber

July 1st
At Dawn’s Edge
Juliet Ruin
Forsaken Rite
Violent Betty
Opus Arise
Ophelia Falling

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