Q&A with Demon Incarnate’s Lisa about their latest album Key of Solomon

Demon Incarnate

Key of Solomon is the second full-lenght album for Germany’s Demon Incarnate. After the self-titled debut album in 2015 singer Lisa took a break for personal reasons and the band played some live shows with an replacement singer but after the break Lisa took up her role once again with Key of Solomon being the outcome.

Key of Solomon, your second full-lenght is out since a few days now. Happy with the final outcome of it?

Yes, I am very happy with our effort.

During the recording of Key of Solomon, did you handle things different than when you recorded the self titled debut in 2015?

Yes.  I went through a period of personal enlightenment which influenced my vocal approach to our songs.

What’s been going on for the band during the time between releases?

The band continued to play between releases. We had some great shows with a couple of new faces because I took some time away and so did the drummer, Tobias.

Did everybody have his/her own task during the writing process of Key of Solomon or was it a real band effort? 

My strength, as the vocalist, is to help craft the lyrics and the melodies. This time, however, although all the band members contributed to the creative process, I‘d like to recognise Jan und Joe as the primary songwriters.

What’s your favorite song on Key of Solomon and why?

Taming the East has a special meaning for me. As I stated earlier, I recently underwent a period of personal enlightenment. This song‘s melody, especially Jan‘s guitar work, resonates deeply with me. The emotions elicited from singing this song is, I feel, a culmination of all that I experienced during my recent personal journey.

Roberto Toderico is responsible for the coverartwork on Key of Solomon, how did you get in touch with him and why was he chosen for the coverartwork?

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with Roberto Toderico. He was able to visually convey all that the band wanted to express. Thank you to FDA Rekotz for recommending him.

When did you started with singing and why did you wanted to sing?

I´ve been singing ever since I can remember.  I remember singing folk songs with my Grandmother. She was in a choir  and she was always singing at home. When I was growing up, my parents always played music at home.  I remember listening to Ozzy OsbourneCCR and Aerosmith just to name a few.  Singing, especially with a band, is a way for me to express my feelings in a way I could not otherwise do.

Do you have any practices to keep your voice in good condition?

I feel like my lifestyle helps keep my voice in shape. I am fortunate to have friends and family who also love music. There always seems to be a nightly jam session at my house. 

You started in 2010 with the band, are you happy with the way things are going for the band or is there something that could be better?

I love being in this band.  We have a way of working with each other to create phenomenal music.  I feel that every aspect of our process, from creation to performance, is solid.  Our group has played at many locations here at home in Germany.  We even played in France and it was thrilling.  I would like to have our band play more international venues in the future.

Is heavy metal a lifestyle for you?

Is there any other lifestyle? Rock on!

The last words are for you, anything you would like to mention?

Thank you to FDA for believing in us and supporting us. Thanks to all of you who support us, listen to our music, and come to see us play. Demon Incarnate is locked-in to play this summer at festivals and other locations. Come out and rock with us!!! 

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