A tribute to: The Great Kat

The Great Kat

A genius to some, a complete lunatic to the most and there is nothing in between. Nevertheless, The Great Kat knows how to shred and was once, and maybe still is, one of the fastest shredders on earth.

The story begins in 1966 as Katherine Thomas is born in England. She moved to the USA at the age of 3 and graduated in the USA at the Juilliard School, New York as a classical violinist. For a short period, she even toured playing conventional classical music.

Somewhere in the eighties, she shifted towards metal and in 1986 the world had the change to meet Kat and her Satan Says EP limited to 200 copies. With three songs and lyrical themes about satanism, BDSM, gore, and violence she attracted the attention from Roadrunner Records.

In 1987 the debut album, Worship Me or Die, was released and Kat became The Great Kat after the release. The image she created about herself got her a lot of attention, in interviews she was mostly screaming and her looks were somewhat of a dominatrix look. Besides all that Worship Me or Die was a great thrash metal album with songs written by The Great Kat herself. Her late materials are mostly cover from classical composers.

In 1990 Beethoven on Speed was released on Roadracer Records but the momentum was gone, The Great Kat wasn’t hysterical metal anymore and the satanic theme was changed for Beethoven. Still a great album with really fast shredding but most of the people didn’t care and Roadracer dropped her.

It took 6 years before we heard anything from The Great Kat again, in 1996 Digital Beethoven on Speed was released and after that more EP’s would follow, usually with a certain composer as a theme.

The Great Kat is still active and still perform live and is releasing songs.

The Great Kat live in 1991