A tribute to: Saraya

The story of Saraya started in 1987 when singer Sandi Saraya Salvador and keyboardist Gregg Munier began performing under the name Alsace Lorraine in New Jersey. Later that year the name changed tot Saraya and more bandmembers were recruited.

The self-titled debut album was released in 1989 on Polygram Records. The executives at Polygram gave Saraya a record deal hoping to turn Sandi into a sex symbol which would increase record sales. The first single, Love has taking it’s toll, reached No. 64 at the billboard 100.

After the self-titled debut album Saraya experienced several line-up changes and the second album, When the blackbird sings, had gone into a more guitar driven direction which made founding member Gregg Munier, who recorded keyboards for this album, leave also the band and he is replaced by a second guitarplayer.

But the big success isn’t coming for Saraya and all of a sudden the band is gone without leaving a trail. Sandi tried to do a reunion show somewhere in 2010 but that did not happen and latest rumors are that a new album is in the making and that Sandi is looking for a record deal. In a interview in 2019 Sandi said that a new song called Code Blue was completely done and was in line with the songs on the second record.

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