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New music and videos from Reverend Mother, Anneke van Giersbergen, Lucifer, Vexed, Scarlet Desire, Blackbriar, Lovebites, Frozen Crown, The Letter Black and Noctule. Songs are also included in the Loud Unity Spotify playlist.

The Brooklyn doom trio Priestess has become Reverend Mother and will release their first EP soon. Keep an eye out for that through

From Anneke’s album The Darkest Skies Are The Brightest the song I Saw A Car. Order the new album

Lucifer teamed up with Kadaver for a split 7″ and did a splendid cover from Dust’s song Pull away/So many times. Pre-order the 7″

Serena Cherry from Svalbard has a new solo project with Noctule, a black metal project wich will release it’s debut album, Wretched Abyss, in May. Pre-order here

Vexed from the UK will release it’s album Culling Culture through Napalm Records. Release date May, 21th. Pre-order here

Scarlet Desire is an symphonic metal duo from Finland/Greece. Maiden of Snow is their second single. Find out more

Blackbriar will release it’s debut album on April 23. It’s called The cause of shipwreck and with the song The seance the band presents the first single. Support the band here

Lovebites present the first single from their new EP Glory, Glory, to the World. The EP will be out March 10, pre-order here

Far Beyond is the first single from Frozen Crown’s new album Winterbane, out on April 23th. Pre-order here

The Letter Black will be releasing their 4th studio album soon. Rise is the first single from it. Find out more here