Chaos Rising is a big collaborative online metal project

Recently i stumbled upon Chaos Rising, the online metal project open to every female artist with love for metal music. The project includes every aspect of producing music such as playing, recording, art & design, promotion and so on. Chaos Rising was created by Stephanie Nolf from the French thrash/death band Unsafe where she plays bass and recently started doing the vocals also. Maybe some of you might know her also from Ashes Arise that split-up in 2019 and this band was International based and Stephanie got the idea to continue with an International project.

At first only Isa (vocals) and Stephanie were Chaos Rising but soon joined by other female artists from all over the world. More than 20 artists are now working on Chaos Rising’s music in separate teams to create the different styles of metal music. So far the roster of Chaos Rising includes death metal, melodic metal, thrash metal and more recently old school doom/death can be added also. Oh, and almost forgot to mention the fantastic Napalm Death cover. Check some of Chaos Rising’s music below and give them some support on their channels.……

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