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New music and videos from Cadaveria, Aversed, Pupil Slicer, Orpharion, Juliet Ruin, Fireproven, Decessus, Aliceissleeping, Far’n Beyond, All my faith Lost. Songs are also included in the Loud Unity Spotify playlist.

Cadaveria never disappoint me, the new single Divination is yet another musical piece of art and the accompanying video is delightful to watch. Support Cadaveria on

After more than a decade, US based Aversed will release it’s debut album Impermanent on March 19th. If you like progressive and melodic death metal done the right way pre-order Impermanent here

Pupil Slicer should appeal to those who like their metal being a snarling blend of mathcore, grindcore, death metal and more. The debut album Mirrors is out now and can be ordered here

The Turkish symphonic metal band Orpharion had it’s debut album A faraway World scheduled to be released in 2020 but postponed it due to the pandemic that’s going on. The single The broken seal is the first taste from the album. Support them on

Metalcore from Canada, Juliet Ruin is releasing it’s new EP Dark Water with 4 songs one by one. Fake Stigmata is the third one so one more to go. Official release date is March 26. Pre-order here

Finland hosts a lot of bands in every genre and that makes it impossible to keep track of all releases and bands and lets be honest, not all bands are worthy. Fireproven however is a progressive metal band that’s worth your and my attention and i will be following them from now on. Recently the band released a new single called The Maze which can be ordered here

Decessus is a very interesting, and new, progressive death metal band founded by the Chilean singer Ignacia Fernandez and one song so far has been released. According to Ignacia is the band working on an EP right now. Order the single here

Alt rock from London never sounded so good as with Aliceissleeping. Their debut full-length is something you need in your life, order here

Far’n Beyond can be considered as a new band although they already exists since 2001 and so far only released a few demo’s and an EP in 2010. I think that the band got an restart when singer Elvann joined the ranks of Far’n Beyond. And it can be heard that the other musicians have years of experience, the new single sounds very good and i love the 80’s synths. The band is working on more songs so keep up with them here

Sometimes music can make you speechless and that’s the case with All my faith lost, phenomenal ethereal darkwave from Italy. Amazing music and highly recommended. Release date for their new album Untitled is March 9, pre-order here