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New music and videos from Aythis, Lotus Titan, Kristel Dawn, Slashy Sue, Trope, Unravel, Trident, Arsenic Addiction, Coldbound and Imperia. Songs are also included in the Loud Unity Spotify playlist.

Dutch Aythis is such a hidden gem i didn’t know about until now. With Ashes, Aythis present the first single from the new album Secrets from below, out 2nd April. Expect melancholy taken to the next level with a dreamy ethereal voice and hypnotic guitars. Pre-order Secrets from below here

Lotus Titan from France makes music that confuses me but at the same time grabs me by the throat and won’t let go. Lotus Titan sounds complicated but is catchy as hell, their debut album is out on March 12th and can be ordered here

Onwards to black metal then, the melodic black metal band Kristel Dawn which released it’s first single The frozen forest. Kristel Dawn is formed by Kristel Dawn herself and Erik Sayenga and the two of them are also the duo that makes black metal under the name Warthrone. Order The frozen forest here

It’s Kill o’ Clock time with the new single from Slashy Sue, a horror industrial metal duo from Sweden who were formerly active in Zephyra (split-up). Slashy Sue sounds like fun so make sure to follow them here

LA-based prog rockers Trope will be releasing their debut full-length Eleutheromania on March 31 and Pareidolia is the first taste of it and i became instantly a fan. Pre-order Eleutheromania here

Unravel from Belgium present their vision on how modern metal should sound with the release of their second single The end of my rope taken from the upcoming album Closure that should be out soon. Keep up to date with Unravel here

Kawaii metal band Trident from Japan will release their first full-length Advance Generation on March 17. Make sure to follow them here

Not so much as new but since Arsenic Addiction recently released a beautiful video for the song Maleficium, from the 2019 album XIX, it would be a waste not to share it. The gothic metal band from the US has been active since 2006 and you can find out more about them here

I can’t help it, everything with Liv Kristine on vocals is just gold, Coldbound is no exception to that. The single Slumber of Decay has three versions and the latest released with a video is the one with heavy orchestration. Find more Coldbound here

Imperia’s 6th studio album is a big one, almost 80 minutes of their well known style of symphonic metal varying from thrash metal riffs and guitar shred to epic cinematic atmospheres and intimate piano ballads. The new album, The Last Horizon, is out on March 26 and you can pre-order it here

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