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New music and videos from Annicke Shireen, Thronehammer, Superlynx, Nemophila, Everdawn, Metalite, EMBR, Xordia, Evanescence and Anarcheon. Songs are also included in the Loud Unity Spotify playlist.

Annicke Shireen is singer of the Dutch alternative band Shireen and on March 26th she will release her debut solo EP The Serpent. With Do Better Annicke present the first song and you can expect some enchanting vocals here. Highly recommended as her voice is combined with dark and moody music with heavy touches at time. Find out more about The Serpent here

Thronehammer blew me away with their debut album Usurper of the oaken throne and now two years later Thronehammer does it again. The UK/German band has released it’s new album Incantation Rites on March 4th and this epic doom masterpiece is available here

More doom and this time with a little psych mixed in it, Superlynx has it’s base in Norway and on April 16th their third full-length will be released under the name Electric Temple. Pre-order Electric Temple here

Nemophila from Japan has recently released it’s third single since the band started in 2019. With the song Dissension Nemophila shows that they are ready for the future, it’s of course kawaii metal in the spheres of Babymetal but Nemophila proofs with Dissension that they can do without these references. Check out also their Youtube channel where they post lots of cool cover songs from Kiss, Helloween and so on. Find out more about Nemophila here

Everdawn from the US recently released it’s first album Cleopatra under this name, the band was formerly know as Midnight Eternal but to prevent legal issues with their former singer the band decided to change the band name in 2019 and got Alina Gavrilenko on vocal duties. Symphonic metal on it’s best and you can order Cleopatra here

Metalite from Sweden presents it’s third album, A Virtual World, on March 26th and deliver us with the song Cloud Connected the third single from the upcoming album. As Cloud Connected already got stuck in my head after one spin i will for sure check out the full album. Pre-orders can be done here

The album 1823 from US-based EMBR dates already from July 2020 but more recently EMBR released an official video for the song Powder and I’m glad they did cause holy fuck, this is some great doom metal and if EMBR wouldn’t have released the video I probably would never heard about them. Get 1823 here

Another one that’s been released in 2020 already but came to my attention due to an official video that recently appeared on YouTube, the song What from the Swiss band Xordia. Pleasant groovy modern metal with an industrial touch, get their album Neolux here

If there is one band that don’t need promotion then that has to be Evanescence but hey, I like the song so why not share it. The song Better Without You is taken from the upcoming album The Bitter Truth, pre-order it here

A new single from Canadian Anarcheon who present the song Bloody Merry. It’s been since 2017 that we heard from Anarcheon so this was a nice surprise and Bloody Merry made me curious for more new stuff from them. We will see what the future brings, support Anarcheon here

By the way, I did an interview with Anarcheon singer Kaija Kinney a few years ago about her festival Metalocalypstick, find it here

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