Dark Ambient from Sataray and Zania Morgan

Dark Ambient is a genre that isn’t easy to consume for a lot of people and Argyropoeia, the split album released by Sataray and Zania Morgan is no exception to that. But this doesn’t mean it is bad music, it means a lot of people simply don’t understand it while the few other souls fully embrace it and I am in the middle of it, not all Dark Ambient satisfies my taste but if it’s good, it’s good and that’s the case with Argyropoeia.

Sataray has three songs on this split and they sound like an enchanting ritual and at times spooky and creepy. It’s the kind of music you put on with only candlelight on in the room.

Zania Morgan delivers two songs for this split and the songs are a little more diverse than those from Sataray. Both songs have slightly a more industrial touch and it makes it more sinister, as a listener, you get more alert for your surroundings, a bit the same as in horror movies when you’re waiting for the scary moment.

Conclusion, if you’re into Dark Ambient, dont miss out on Argyropoeia.

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