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To the Dogs

New music and videos from To the Dogs, Born from Chaos, League of Lights, Ison, Envy the Dead, Carmilla, SpiriT, Fate Destroyed, WitchTit and Warbell. Songs are also included in the Loud Unity Spotify playlist.

Holy fuck, To the Dogs, from the US, is such a great find, their demo was released in December 2020 and contains three deadly Crust Metal tracks. A 7” and cassette are in the make. Within 9 minutes you will be pulverized by listening to To The Dogs. Get it here

Modern metallers Born from Chaos from The Netherlands are a new band on the Metal front and recently released the 4 song EP, Legacy. And to put it simply, it’s a good one, it’s melodic and has a good variation between clean vocals en growls. Definitely, a band to watch out for. Get Legacy here

Electronic prog-pop from League of Lights which is the band from Threshold keyboard player Richard West and his wife Farrah and on March 12 their album Dreamers Don’t Come Down will be released. Judging by this song, The Collector, I wanna hear the full album. Great stuff! Pre-order Dreamers Don’t Come Down here

Deep Atmospheric music with beautiful vocal melodies, that’s Ison. And Ison is the solo project from Daniel Anghede from Venus Principle. With Ison, a fourth album will be released somewhere in late spring 2021 and the album, Aurora, will have guest vocals from Sylvaine, Cammie Gilbert (Oceans of Slumber), Tara Vanflower (Lycia), Vila, Carline van Roos (Lethian Dreams), Gogo Melone (Aeonian Sorrow), Viola Petsch and Lisa Cuthbert. Just WOW! Pre-order Aurora here when it’s become available

Time for some heavy shit, Envy the Dead released the single Skinwalker and it’s a sick motherfucker also due to the unearthly sick vocals from Aïcha Finnleik. Back in 2020 Envy the Dead released an s/t EP and I say, it’s time for a full-length! Get Skinwalker (with bonus track) here

Nevermore is the latest single from Melodic Death Metallers Carmilla and the song is a banger, the rhythm just keeps on going and going and I’m loving it. And the clean vocals and demonic growls from Nathalie Astrada complete the song. Follow/support Carmilla here

SpiriT from Slovakia is still searching for their definitive style I guess as their three songs on their YouTube channel differ a bit from each other. With their latest song Prayer of Rebirth, I get some early Exiter vibes so let’s hope they stay on this route. Great sound, great vocals, and a great song, and a band to watch out for in the future. Follow/support SpiriT here

The single, This Crown, from Fate Destroyed is taken from their upcoming debut full-length, Within These Walls scheduled for a 2021 release. I love the heavy sound that the band created and it seems that old-school Industrial had a little more influence on the writing process, so a full-length from Fate Destroyed? Yeah, bring it on. Follow/support Fate Destroyed here

WitchTit‘s music is more serious than their name although the band itself probably takes the name also seriously cause otherwise, they wouldn’t have chosen it as their identity. On March 12 their debut full-length Intoxicating Lethargy will be released and if you’re into NWOBHM influenced Doom Metal then you’re in for a treat, WitchTit sounds also if they were from that era but still recognizable as a band from this era. Order Intoxicating Lethargy here

Warbell gives us an early heads up for the upcoming EP Ruin, to be released somewhere late 2021 or early 2022, with the song Fightback. The Melodic Death Metal from Warbell sounds so impressive that I almost feel sorry for myself for having to wait so long before I can hear the rest of the EP. Support Warbell here

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