Kabbalah asks themselves, ‘what would Black Sabbath do?’


What are the influences for the band and Kabbalah replied to that in a recent interview for another blog, ‘What would Black Sabbath do?’. The occult doom rock trio from Spain just recently released their second full-length, The Omen, and since the album blew me away I thought it was time to get to know Alba (vocals, guitar), Marga (vocals, bass), and Carmen (vocals, drums) a little better.

Congrats on the release of The Omen, how are the reactions so far?

Alba- Thank you! Reactions have been great and greatly overpassed our past experiences with releases. The team at Ripple Music has really helped us to make our music reach more people than ever before. In fact, we’re already getting ready a repress for The Omen, as copies were sold out! 

Carmen- We are overwhelmed by the good reviews the album is getting. It was in 1st place on the January Doom Charts, and that is awesome!

The artwork sets one in the mood for the music, who designed all the beautiful items in your webshop?

Alba – All the artwork for The Omen was designed by Babylon Fell. They used a picture I took at Kutna Hora ossuary and they took it to a new, stunning level, making a super detailed “engraved-style” illustration from it that really stands out when you see the physical items (vinyl & CD). For the cassette, we were also lucky enough to collaborate with Stoner Witch Records, which went all the way to make an amazing cassette with many extras, including a band poster and a custom Kabbalah tarot card

Kabbalah is an unusual name for a band, who came up with it and why? Was it a long search for the band name?

Carmen- We thought at the time is was mysterious and nice. Marga and I took the decision, along with the guy who was playing with us at the beginnings. 

Ceibas is one of my favorite songs on The Omen and I would like to go a little deeper into it, what is the song about?

Carmen- It’s about humans destroying everything; about climate change, fires in Amazonia, in Australia.. .

The writing process of Kabbalah songs, how does that go?

Alba- It depends on the song. Most of them, one of us writes most of the song and brings it to the band, then each of us work on our individual instruments. But some other songs one can have written the intro and the verse, another one the music for the chorus and another one the vocal melody. 

Since 2013 Kabbalah has been active with three EP’s released and two full-lengths, are there things you would like to do in the future with the band?

Carmen- Our minds are now on being able to play live soon!

If there wasn’t a pandemic, would Kabbalah be on a European tour right now? Is that something you would like in the future?

Alba – We would have looked into it, at least! That seems very difficult now but it’s definitely something we would like to do at some point.

The Last one, feel free to share some exciting news the world doesn’t know about yet. And thanks for taking the time to answer.

Alba – There are a couple of interesting things happening in the next months. First of all, we’ll be playing at an online music festival, recording very special live videos of three of our new songs. Then there are other things! We’re re-releasing The Omen on a beautiful gold splatter color vinyl, and re-releasing our previous album Spectral Ascent using new artwork!!

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