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Black Moon Mother

New music and videos from Black Moon Mother, Betty Benedeadly, Nadja, Band-Maid, Capra, Plush, Valhkyr, Rioghan, Infinite & Divine, and Elephants in Paradise. Songs are also included in the Loud Unity Spotify playlist.

Listening to Black Moon Mother‘s song Lost in the Maze, taken from the album Illusions Under the Sun, and it calmed me the fuck down. Their blend of shoegaze, Psych-Rock, and Doom Metal is amazing and settles the nerves. Black Moon Mother released the album already last year but is now picked up by Petrichor who releases it worldwide on CD and vinyl. Pre-order here

Betty Benedeadly says that she draws influences from Ennio Morricone’s spaghetti westerns and I’ll admit when listening to From the Mesa I can see Charles Bronson (Once Upon a Time in the West) walking around in my mind. And somehow Johnny Cash is walking beside Charles there. Excellent music from Betty Benedeadly and you can pre-order here

Nadja is active since 2005 and has an impressive roster of releases and even more impressive is that they are all equally good. The forthcoming album Luminous Rot is no exception to that. Listen to the title track and bring yourself in Nadja‘s orbit with their blend of Ambient Industrial Doom. Luminous Rot is out May 21, pre-order here

Band-Maid from Japan rocks hard with their new album Unseen World, released last January. Watch the official video for the song After Life and you will bang your head for sure. Order Unseen World here

Capra will release their debut full-length, In Transmission, via Blacklight Media / Metal Blade Records. Expect raging Hardcore with Crow Lotus on vocals and she screams her lungs out. In Transmission is out on April 23 and can be pre-ordered here

Plush presents with the song Hate it’s first single and after listening to it I’m convinced that Plush is going to be a big name in the rock scene. Fantastic song and I can’t wait to hear more. Find more Plush here

Valhkyr from Chile has a new single out and it is a massive song, Demons On Me have more power than a bulldozer. I didn’t know the band before so I checked also their back catalog, 2019 album Tales of Battle, and the single Judgement Day from 2020 and it seems the band is improving with each release its sound. Give Valhkyr some love here

Despite the shitty situation we have in the world right now I’m still happy cause of all the great music I keep finding and the Blackened Sky EP from Finnish Rioghan is definitely one of those, what a fantastic EP. A mixture of Gothic and Progressive metal is what Rioghan brings and you can get it here

And more great music, this time from Infinite & Divine which is a collaboration between two Swedes, musician/songwriter/producer Jan Åkesson and vocalist Tezzi (a/k/a Terese Persson). Their debut album, Silver Lining, will be released on April 9 and if you like Melodic Hardrock this will probably be the album of the year for you, pre-order Silver Lining here

And last but not least the Modern Metal band Elephants in Paradise from Austria. Elephants in Paradise presents their Extinction trilogy with three albums that contain each three songs and throughout 2021 shall be released. Expect the second album in June and the final album in September. From what I hear from the song Black Widow I will for sure look out for those releases. More info and ordering information here

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