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New music and videos from Fallcie, MØAA, Alexandra Zerner, Issa, -ii-, Sumo Cyco, Icarus Lives, Byron, Red Eye Temple, and Hot Breath. Songs are also included in the Loud Unity Spotify playlist.

Amazing cover from Fallcie, the song Fighter is originally a song by Christina Aguilera and has gotten a metal update by this Russian band. Normally Fallcie can be described as noisy and violent, check out their latest full-length Bad Blood from 2020, so covering this song got me applauding and it shows that vocalist Valentina is one hell of a singer. Get Fighter here

Dreamy and atmospheric should describe the song X Marks perfectly, the song is taken from MØAA‘s debut full-length Euphoric Recall out April 2. Can’t wait till it is out cause the whispering duet vocals are something that really sets the mood. Pre-order Euphoric Recall here

Alexandra Zerner is a guitar player, multi-instrumentalist, and composer from the Czech Republic and mostly she releases instrumental albums but for the upcoming album Silhouette, out March 20, she teamed up with vocalist Maja Shining from the Danish band Forever Still for one song and this collaboration turned out to be so good that I hope that Alexandra will do this kind of collaborations more often. Get Silhouette here

Norwegian melodic rock from Issa with the just recently released album Queen of Broken Hearts which is Issa‘s sixth album so far. The album sounds more symphonic than its predecessors and I like that, Queen of Broken Hearts is easy listening without becoming too soft. Get Queen of Broken Hearts here

Usually, when I find a new band I do a quick scan of their music and then put it aside to investigate it further when I have the time for it. With -ii-‘s debut album Extinction I hit play and sat the whole thing out. And then hit play again! Amazing Ambient Industrial from this French band, get Extinction here

Modern Metallers Sumo Cyco will release their third album Initiation on May 7 via Napalm Records. Modern Metal with a punk attitude, you just can’t go wrong with Sumo Cyco, get Initiation here

Cool, another cover in this post, Australian-based Icarus Lives did a cover for Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler and they made a perfect Metal song out of it. Would be cool if more bands are going to cover pop songs, I always loved Atrocity‘s Werk 80. Give Icarus Lives some love here

Byron is the brainchild of Johannes Lahti, a former member of Church of Void and with the help of others, he created the album The omega Evangelion which is scheduled for a March 26 release. Byron calls itself a melodic Heavy Metal band but some influences from the Doom genre can’t be denied, vocalist Johanna Eteläkari does a great job and completes the sound from Byron and I’m looking forward to March 26. Get The Omega Evangelion album here

Red Eye Temple rocks from Austria but originally came from Siberia and has released its debut album, Vortex, just recently. With guest vocals from Siegfried Samer from Dragony on the song Patterns, it shows an ambitious band that will go places. I cant go fully enthusiastic on Vortex cause of the drum computer, Red Eye Temple needs a drummer and then they will be big because they are talented and write good songs and the voice of Maria fits perfectly for a rock band. Get Vortex here

Hot Breath‘s single Right Time is what the world needs now, taken from their debut album Rubbery Lips released on The Sign Records April 9. Disco Hard Rock that’s too good to be ignored, its just sheer fun listening to Rubbery Lips, get it here

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