Spend some time with The Hellfreaks

The Hellfreaks

I was surprised by this just recently released video from The Hellfreaks, I always knew them as a Psychobilly band since their 2010 debut album Hell Sweet Hell and the 2012 album Circus of Shame. Sometime after that word came out that the band split-up and I lost track of them. So I missed that Shakey Sue pulled a new line-up from hell and gave The Hellfreaks a new musical direction, a Punk Rock direction with a slightly Modern Metal touch.

Call their style what you want, The Hellfreaks are just sheer fun. In 2016 they released their third album Astoria and in 2020 God on the Run from which the song Tabby in the video is taken.

So go and have some fun with The Hellfreaks, I know I did with this renewed introduction, and both the Psychobilly as the Punk Rock side of the band is very recognizable due to Shakey Sue’s voice.

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