See Secret Rule perform poetry in new video Black Swan

Secret Rule

Secret Rule shared a new single from a new upcoming album called Mea Culpa, out June 3. With already 6 albums out, the band from Italy is very productive in producing high-quality Melodic Metal and according to the new single, Black Swan, album number 7 will be another highlight in the career of Secret Rule.

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This song is almost poetry, we worked a lot on the images of the words. In this last year, we think people need to dream. We wanna give them these almost 5 minutes to get up off the ground cutting off reality, blowing away all bad thoughts.

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1. Blunder
2. A New War
3. Black Swan
4. Born This Way
5. Whore
6. The King Has Fallen
7. Welcome to Hell
8. Lost
9. Mother Earth


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