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New music and videos from Nephila, Ductape, Grundeis, Acid Blood, Atomic Symphony, Dalriada, Anotherkind, Heart Healer, Metalwings, and Gate. Songs are also included in the Loud Unity Spotify playlist.

I don’t listen that much to 70’s Space Rock but Swedish Nephila is going to change that, what a piece of amazing music did they create. The song Belladonna is taken from their S/T debut album, out on The Sign Records on June 4. I can’t wait to hear the full album, follow Nephila on Facebook for more info when the album can be pre-ordered here

Ductape’s music took me back to the ’80s when Darkwave emerged on the surface of the Earth and Ductape sounds like they were from that era. The duo from Turkey is, despite sounding like it came from the ’80s, a fairly new band, formed in 2019 and has been releasing music since 2020 when an EP and a single were released. In January 2021 their debut album Labirent came to life and it’s such a gem that you don’t have to feel sorry for yourself if you missed the 80’s by simply being born too late, Ductape will take you there. Get Labirent here

And more greatness here with Grundeis from Germany, the band released two singles so far with a brew of Post-Punk and noisy Rock, their first single Bleach is on the noisy side while Vain is way more melancholic. Excellent stuff and for sure I will keep my eyes on the band as they are releasing their debut album Amygdala anytime soon. Get more info here

Some Punk terror from Sweden’s own Acid Blood who unleashed a new video for the song Wartimes, taken off of their 2019 S/T album that has been reissued. I really dig the raw punk with the screaming voice from Jojo Anderbygd, get the album here

Or if you prefer vinyl, that can be found here

With a very powerful sound, Atomic Symphony presents their new single Nightfall and it is Atomic Symphony‘s first sign of life since 2015 when their debut album Redemption was released. Over 10 minutes long, Nightfall thunders out of the speakers in an almost Power Metal way but trust me, there is plenty of melody and symphonic parts, Atomic Symphony started back in 2009 as a Symphonic Metal band so they know how to get the right atmosphere in a song. Good stuff and would love to hear more from them. Get Nightfall here

While listening to Dalriada‘s latest single Huszaros I realized that it has been a while since I listened to some decent Folk Metal and Dalriada is even more than decent, right now they are the best. April 9 is the release date for Dalriada’s 10th album Oszelo and can be pre-ordered here

Anotherkind is the solo project from Infected Rain guitarist Vidick and recently the third track from Anotherkind has been released, Back to the Roots features Lena Scissorhands on vocals and the song is entirely in Russian. Earlier Anotherkind released the song Milestone with Fabienne Erni from Eluveitie on vocals and that song completely differs from Back to the Roots so Anotherkind is an interesting project worth following. Get Anotherkind‘s songs here

Its a no brainer that the album A Metal Opera by Magnus Karlsson is fantastic, I mean look at who participated, Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires, Sascha Paeth’s Masters Of Ceremony, Avantasia), Netta Laurenne (Smackbound, Laurenne/Louhimo), Youmna Jreissati (Ostura), Ailyn (Her Chariot Awaits, ex-Sirenia), Noora Louhimo (Battle Beast), Margarita Monet (Edge of Paradise), and Anette Olzon (The Dark Element, ex-Nightwish). Get it here

Symphonic Metal from Bulgaria, how can I say no to that? Metalwings is gonna release their second full-length in spring 2021 and with Monster in the Mirror they present the first single. A fantastic song so bring on the full album, please. Get connected with Metalwings to receive updates on the album here

Stunningly, I have no other words to describe Gåte‘s Nordic Folk. With Kjærleik the band presents the first single from the upcoming EP Til Nord. Get Kjærleik here

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