A.A. Williams released Songs From Isolation with fantastic covers

A. A. Williams

This was a tough post to write down because every time I was listening to Songs From Isolation I was sitting there in awe and not able to type anything. So no other option than to turn it off so things can be done.

What started as a project to distract A.A. Williams from the lockdown turned out in a full release with covers from Radiohead, Gordon Lightfoot, Nick Cave, Nine Inch Nails, Deftones, and The Cure among others. The songs were suggested by fans on social media after A.A. Williams asked what songs they would like to hear in a cover version.

My personal favorite has become Nights in White Satin from The Moody Blues but If You Could Read My Mind from Gordon Lightfoot is close to it. Songs From Isolation contains 9 songs and is 41 minutes long. See below for some videos and get Songs For Isolation HERE

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