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New music and videos from Noeta, Flames Among Hatred, Monochromatic Black, Highway Queen, Swarmageddon, False Memories, Jess and the Ancient Ones, Witchbound, and Krave. Songs are also included in the Loud Unity Spotify playlist.

It’s my first acquaintance with Noeta and just wow, this has to be the best Black Ambient Folk I’ve ever heard. I’m excited for the release of Elm, out April 23 on Prophecy Productions, the sophomore full-length from Noeta. Pre-order here

Polish Flames Among Hatred did a cover of Jefferson Airplane‘s song Somebody to Love from 1967 and made an ultra-heavy version of it with the help of guest singer Justyna Panfilewicz who is active in the singer/songwriter field. I already love it when Metal bands are covering pop songs but what Flames Among Hatred created with Justyna is beyond awesomeness. Give Flames Among Hatred some love here

And listen some more music from Justyna here

See Tanya Elizabeth gurgle her lungs out in the latest song, Abaddon, from Monochromatic Black and fuck, she can sing too. Check out also their 2019 album, Pneuma as it is a real heavy melodic banger that’s still worth your attention. Get Abaddon here

Highway Queen is fronted by Virpi Kääriäinen and with her powerful voice, she lifts the Melodic Rock/Metal to another level. Hellfire is the 5th single from this Finnish quartet and this Hardrocker has some great solo’s in it. Get more Highway Queen here

Swarmageddon dropped a new video for the song Brave New World, taken from the 2020 debut album Inhuman. I didn’t know the French band before but I gave Inhuman a digital spin and immediately liked it so it will be on heavy rotation over here for the next couple of weeks. Fantastic Melodic Death Metal that’s on the brutal side. Get Inhuman here

False Memories got signed to Frontiers Music and as a result of that, they will release their second full-length, The Last Night Of Fall, on May 7. I’ve known the band since Roar! Rock Of Angels Records re-released their debut album Chimerical in 2019 and back then I already noticed that the distinctive voice of Rossella Moscatello combined with the Progressive Symphonic Metal is a match made in heaven. Pre-order The Last Night O Fall here

Jess and the Ancient Ones present us their second single, Love Zombi, taken from their upcoming new album Vertigo, out May 21 via Svart Records. It’s their fourth full-length and as always Jess and the Ancient Ones don’t disappoint, they are the absolute masters of occult Psych-Rock. Pre-order Vertigo here

Witchbound from Germany surprised me, never heard of them before but this new single and title track for their upcoming album End of Paradise, out April 30 via El Puerto Records, is a real pleasant Melodic Heavy Metal banger. The chorus with singers Natalie and Tobias got stuck in my head immediately and my brain just begs that it’s being played over and over again. Pre-order the strictly limited collector’s box (only 111 copies worldwide) HERE or digital HERE and follow Witchbound on Instagram

I had a hard time labeling Krave‘s music but luckily their website helped me out, Red hot, female-fronted hard rock/alt-metal band for people who love original music live or streamed. With its base in Australia, the trio just recently released a new single, Walk of Atonement, and the powerful voice of vocalist and bass player Siana made me investigate the band further and I found three more singles which are all of the same high quality. Excellent band and they got a new fan in me. Order Krave‘s music HERE and don’t forget to follow them on Instagram

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