New music from Enemy Inside, Burning Witches, Chez Kane, Blackmore’s Night, Halocene, Morphide, 0%Mercury, Scarlet Aura, and Somberwind

Enemy Inside

New music and videos from Enemy Inside, Burning Witches, Chez Kane, Blackmore’s Night, Halocene, Morphide, 0%Mercury, Scarlet Aura, and Somberwind. Songs are also included in the Loud Unity Spotify playlist.

German Modern Metallers Enemy Inside mixes their art with Dark Rock and that makes them stand out when comparing to other bands in the genre. Excellent and powerful band with a strong message in their latest single, Alien, out via Rock Of Angels Records. Get it HERE and follow Enemy Inside on Instagram.

Hell Yeah, the Heavy Metal Witches are back with their first single from the upcoming album The Witch of the North, out May 28 via Nuclear Blast Records. Needless to say, the album is gonna be epic cause Flight of the Valkyries is already a killer track. Pre-order The Witch of the North HERE and give Burning Witches some love on Instagram.

Wow, Chez Kane takes me back to the Hair Metal 80s with her Melodic Rock, Think of Lee Aaron, Lita Ford, Vixen, or Saraya and you know what I mean. Better Than Love is the second single from Chez Kane‘s S/T album that has just recently been released by Frontiers Music. Together with her two sisters, Chez is also fronting the Rock band Kane’d and I think it’s absolutely cool that with her solo project she keeps the 80s vibe alive. Get the album HERE and follow Chez Kane on Instagram.

I’ve always been fascinated by Blackmore’s Night, the Renaissance folk-rock band from Ritchie Blackmore, and his partner Candice Night. With Nature’s Light album number 11 has been released and once again it’s a delightful experience to hear it, just sit down and fully absorb it. With Second Element released as a single, it also got a video that has been released just recently. Get Nature’s Light HERE and follow them on Instagram.

Halocene did a cover from Falling In Reverse‘s song Populair Monster and got some help on vocals from Lauren Babic. The band that’s mostly doing covers but also write their own music presents on a weekly basis new songs and that gained them a large following and that’s not strange cause the way Halocene does it is fucking awesome. Great cover and you can get it HERE. Follow Halocene to stay updated on Instagram.

Morphide comes originally from Latvia but is currently based in Denmark and from there Morphide is doing basically the same thing as Haloscene, covers, and original material. Their latest release is a song of their own and a fantastic one. Panopticon has everything you want in a Modern Metal song and I really dig the Progressive parts in it. Get it HERE and follow Morphide on Instagram.

0%Mercury describe their music among other things as Rainbow Rock and if you expect something sweet, well then you are in for a surprise. The Mathcore from Ukraine-based 0%Mercury is everything it needs to be, loud and aggressive but also well thought out and most certainly a pleasure to listen to. Stump is their latest EP and Reflection is the single taken from Stump for an official video. Get Stump HERE and follow them on Instagram.

Silent Tears is the third single from the upcoming Falling Sky 5th Anniversary album, out April 16. The album is Scarlet Aura‘s debut album from 2016 with all the songs being upgraded. I didn’t know Falling Sky before but when I hear this beautiful ballad I know what I will be listening to on April 16. Get Silent Tears HERE and give them some love on Instagram

From Chilean Gothic rockers Somberwind comes Emptiness, the first single taken from the upcoming debut album Remain out via Sleaszy Rider Records on April 9. Somberwind with Caterina Nix on vocals, together with Marco, gives me an old school Gothic Rock feeling, and I kinda like that so I’m curious to hear more from them. Pre-order Remain HERE en if you would like to follow Somberwind you can do that on Instagram

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