New music from Martyrium, Bestiarum, Blackbriar, Marialena, Lesbian Bed Death, Eternal Frequency, Bridear, The Plan, and Cucumber Forest


New music and videos from Martyrium, Bestiarum, Blackbriar, Marialena, Lesbian Bed Death, Eternal Frequency, Bridear, The Plan, and Cucumber Forest. Songs are also included in the Loud Unity Spotify playlist.

Martyrium from Malta released a few days ago their fifth full-length Lamia Satanica via Art Gates Records and the song Sacred Book of Baal is the single of it. Symphonic but nevertheless extreme Black Metal due to the new vocalist Sandra who’s giving the album its aggressive sound with her insane screams. Lamia Satanica is Martyrium‘s best album to date and has awesome artwork, get it HERE and see what Martyrium does on Instagram

Fuck yeah, Bestiarum from Argentina have got themselves a new fan, their Entropy album dates back from 2020 but they recently released a video for the song Ad Equilibrium and YouTube suggested it to me so sometimes these algorithms do their work, sending great music my way. Top-Notch Melodic Death Metal and you can get it HERE and make sure you follow them on Instagram

What an amazing piece of music has Blackbriar created with Deadly Diminuendo, the second single of their upcoming debut album The Cause of Shipwreck, out April 23. With the first single, The Seance, I was already pleasantly surprised but now with Deadly Diminuendo, I’m beginning to think that The Cause of Shipwreck will be one of the highlights of 2021 for me. Pre-order HERE and keep yourself updated on Instagram

Marialena Trikoglou released a video of Vanity, taken from her debut solo album Vanity which has been out since 2020. Marialena‘s voice is amazing but that’s not strange as she is a trained soprano. Marialena is also the lead singer in Horrorgraphy, a Symphonic Metal band from Greece. Get Vanity HERE and give her some love on Instagram.

Lesbian Bed Death reveals the video from their song The Scorpion, taken from the upcoming album The Witching Hour with no release date yet but I assume it will be later this year. I really dig the voice from Luci combined with the Hardrock Punk music. The band has started a crowdfunding campaign for the costs to release The Witching Hour, which has some sick artwork btw, so help them out and pre-order HERE and stay updated with them on Instagram.

Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame voted Eternal Frequency as the Best New Band of 2019 and I understand that the groovy Metal from Eternal Frequency is outstanding and singer Emelle Elizabeth has a very powerful voice with a raw edge, the perfect Rock voice so to say. Eternal Frequency just recently released a new single, What Are We Waiting For, and is for streaming only so help the band out and get some of their merch HERE and follow them on Instagram to stay updated about the news that a full album is on its way.

I don’t know what it is but Japan seems to be swarming with all-female metal bands that deliver outstanding Heavy Metal and here’s another one for ya, Bridear from Fukuoka. On May 7 Bridear will have its first international release with the album Bloody Bride via UK-based Setsuzoku Records. Pre-orders can be done HERE and give some love to Bridear on Instagram.

The Plan seems to be a family band and they just released the single Phantom with guest vocals from Mindy Jackson, the lead singer from Dying Oath. The guitarist and bass player are young, very young so I’m impressed that they come up with a brutal tune like this and they are also playing live. Follow The Plan on Instagram to see where this band is going.

Cucumber Forest? I know everything about that as my dad owned a greenhouse and we grew cucumbers there in large quantities. So yeah, the band name did me smile a bit. Cucumber Forest started already back in 1987, released a couple of albums in the 90s but stopped there until 2019 where Felip Mars decided to pick up instruments again and now released a new single with vocals from Dee Wolf. Get the single HERE and stay updated on Instagram as Cucumber Forest released a couple more singles and probably will do more in the future.

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