See Cellar Darling’s official video for Dance


Take a moment, 11:13 minute to be precise, to see the stunning new video from Cellar Darling‘s song Dance which was released as a single last January. Dance was originally meant to be part of the 2019 album The Spell but then the band decided to completely rewrite the song and release it as a single.

“My wish was for the audience to feel unwell while watching it,” says Anna Murphy. “Equally important was that it wouldn’t just be senseless brutality.” It takes a lot to release a film like this. An urgent film that draws on classical motifs as much as it exudes zeitgeist, a bleak metaphor for life that is sometimes just as bleak, for the end of all things. “The prevention of dance is at the heart of the video,” Anna explains, adding, “In the song we pick up on the dancing plague of 1518, when people mysteriously danced themselves to death. That, mixed with thoughts about our modern world and how we treat ourselves and our environment.”

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