Listen to Matriarchs, Underwaves, Symphia, Ainur, Vexed, Chastain, Belle Morte, Noctule, and October Changes


Like an everflowing stream, new music is coming our way and that’s good news for new music addicts like me.

Bam, the Matriarchs pounds the dust right out of your ears with their heavy-sounding metallic Hardcore and on top of that, vocalist K Enagonio screams the sticky parts out of them. Bomba Clot is a new single and I absolutely love stuff like this. Their upcoming second album Year of the Rat is out on October 16. It’s the first with K by the way. Pre-order HERE and give them some love on Instagram.

Romanian Underwaves recently released a new single, Ocean, with the help of a new bass player and also a new drummer. I was surprised to hear the combination of genres Underwaves uses, it’s almost as wide as my musical taste, but mostly you can think of Metalcore mixed with Symphonic with a whole lot of Alternative and Groove. Good and interesting stuff, will be following them for sure on Instagram. Get Ocean HERE

Symphia from Spain released a video for the song Kingdom of Souls, taken from their debut EP Anteludium which had its release last year. Symphia takes us back to the early days of Gothic Metal with their music but the sound is modern and fresh. I like it and I’m interested in future releases from Symphia, should be interesting. Get Symphia‘s EP HERE en give them some love on Instagram.

I didn’t know there was something like a prog-rock orchestra but yeah, there is one namely Ainur, and they are inspired by Tolkienian mythology. And with 18 people the band creates epic and massive sounding music. Ainur‘s latest album War of the Jewels is out for a few days now, get it HERE and make sure to follow them on Instagram. Would love to see them live one day, should be an interesting experience.

Vexed has dropped its second single, Epiphany, onto the world, and just like the first single, Hideous, it shows that Vexed is going to take the Modern Metal world by storm with their new album Culling Culture which is out on May 21, pre-orders can be done HERE, and stay updated with them on Instagram.

Heavy Metal legends Chastain released a couple of days ago the album 1321, which can be seen as a sort of compilation album with newly arranged songs from Chastain‘s 5 latest albums with Leather Leone on vocals. 1321 takes songs from those five albums and has one previously unreleased track that was supposed to be on the 2013 album Surrender To No One. Get 1321 HERE and follow the guitar legend on Facebook.

Belle Morte from Belarus plays Symphonic Metal but not the typical kind, the concept Belle Morte uses is about seeing beauty in ugly things and vice versa, the ugly side of beauty. And they use it in their music also, a heavenly voice with a chainsaw guitar sound and sometimes complicated arrangements with influences from all sorts of genres. Belle Morte provides an interesting view on Symphonic Metal, the song Broken Things is taken from their upcoming debut full-length Crime of Passion out on Wormholedeath somewhere this year. Stay up to date with Belle Morte on Instagram.

Svalbard‘s Serena Cherry’s solo project Noctule just recently released a new song, Labyrinthian, from the upcoming album Wretched Abyss, out on May 28 via Translation Loss Records/Church Road Records/Through Love Records. I’m looking forward to it as Labyrinthian is a killer Melodic Black Metal song, pre-order the album HERE and follow Noctule on Instagram.

Belgium-based October Changes caught my attention with this song, The Salcido Story, their latest single. October Changes brings us old-school Gothic Metal with some Industrial touches and the more I listen to it, the more I like it. the band released a couple of singles so far and I would be interested to hear a full album from them. The Salcido Story is available on your favorite streaming site and connect with October Changes on Instagram.

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