Listen to Grausame Töchter, Bleeth, Sulphurya, Amederia, No One Spoke, Liliac, Eivør, Bala, and Blameshift


New music from all over the world and from a lot of different genres. Check it out below and find your new favorite artists.

Get ready for April 9 as it’s the release date for Grausame Töchter‘s new album Zyklus. Grausame Töchter is an electronic band led by eccentric fetish diva Aranea Peel and Zyklus is their sixth album. The band evolved from dark Aggrotech mixed with Electropop to now more sombre songs that lean towards Darkwave and although I like their first albums with the harder sound, I really love this new song from the album Zyklus, Süchtig Nach Ewigkeit sounds perfect. Can’t wait to hear more songs. Pre-order Zyklus HERE and give some love to Grausame Töchter on Instagram.

Bleeth‘s star is rising and that’s no wonder, their massive-sounding doomy Post Metal is something I could listen to the whole day and that for every day. Harbinger is the name of the new album that will be released on May 28 via Seeing Red Records. Pre-order it HERE and connect with Bleeth on Instagram.

Sulphurya is a duo from France and they started to make music in 2020 and so far released three singles with Without Dreams being the latest. Dreamy Electro Rock with touches of Metal which has the potential to get big due to the hypnotic voice from Cecile. Get in touch with them on Instagram and get some merch HERE.

I was surprised to see that Amederia already has been active since 2006 as I never heard of them before. Amederia has its base in Russia and The Dance of Two Swans is taken from their 2014 album Unheard Prayer which probably had some sort of re-release as Solitude Productions just recently released this video. Unheard Prayer is the latest album from Amederia and their debut dates from 2008. I will take a deep dive in both albums soon but for now, I cat stop listening to this song. Get the album HERE and give Amederia a like on Facebook.

No One Spoke had its debut album released in February and this cover from Dio is added as a bonus track on it. Nine Mirrors is filled with top-notch Symphonic Metal and you can get it HERE and connect with No One Spoke on Instagram.

Liliac is mostly known for their fantastic Heavy Metal covers, see HERE for their latest Metallica cover, but they write their own music, and it’s just as fantastic as their covers, I really dig Melody’s raw Rock voice. Get Mystery HERE and see what they’re doing on Instagram.

Faroese Folk electronica artist Eivør released a video for Gulspunnin, a song taken from Eivør‘s most recent album Segl. I’m amazed by the mesmerizing voice from Eivør and it turns out she has an impressive back catalog so I know what I will be listening to the next couple of weeks. Get Gulspunnin HERE and send some love to her on Instagram.

With just a guitar and drums you can make excellent music, Bala from Spain proves this with X, a song taken off of their upcoming album Maleza, out May 14 via Century Media Records. This song makes me excited so I will be eagerly awaiting May 14, I think it will be an epic album filled with Grungy Punk Rock. Pre-order Maleza HERE and check out their Instagram.

Blameshift released the new single Came for Blood, a catchy powerhouse Rock song that’s been on repeat for a couple of times at my place today, a great song! Get Blameshift‘s music HERE and follow them on Instagram.

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