Listen to new tunes from Siiickbrain, Dying Oath, Evil Drive, Kanga, Woodstock Barbie, Aldious, EST, and Schonwald


Hey all, check out the new tunes below, I’ve got you some Darkwave, Melodic Death Metal, Electro pop, Heavy Metal and the most amazing Ethereal Wave you will ever hear.

Siiickbrain did a collaboration with Pussy Riot and fuck me, it turned out fucking sick! I need more of this! Get Power HERE and spread some love on Siiickbrain‘s Instagram and Pussy Riot‘s Instagram.

And more great music, although totally different than Siiickbrain, Dying Oath dropped a new single and it’s a real Melodic Death Metal banger. Unfortunately, Dying Oath uploaded End of Days onto YouTube with restrictions for age so you have to do an extra click to watch it and you can trust me, it’s worth that extra click. Get End of Days HERE and stay updated with Dying Oath on Instagram.

Fuck yeah, Evil Drive released the third single from their upcoming album Demons Within, out April 2 via Reaper Entertainment Europe. I really love the Melodic Death Metal from Evil Drive, in fact, I love it so much I did an interview with them HERE. Pre-order Demons Within HERE and check them out on Instagram.

On March 26, Kanga released her album You and I Will Never Die on Artoffact Records. I’ve doubted a little to include it here because the Electro from Kanga comes sometimes close to Pop but then again, the whole idea of this site is about finding new music and that new music has to be good and well, Kanga is just that good. Stumbled upon it when Revolver Mag premiered the album and I am hooked ever since. Get You and I Will Never Die HERE and make sure to follow Kanga on Instagram.

Hello, let me introduce you to Woodstock Barbie from Hungary and their amazing Blues Rock Stoner. On April 2 the band will release its second EP called Soul Smoke and I immediately fell for them after hearing In My Mind. Good stuff and you can get it HERE and give them some love on Instagram.

Aldious from Japan goes international with the release of Evoke II 2010-2020 and has re-recorded the vocals with new singer R!N who is since 2019 with the band. The Heavy Metal from Aldious is far more than just Heavy Metal and contains a wide variety of influences, Get the album HERE and follow them on Instagram.

EST from the US stunned me with their Electronic Social Transformation EP, out April 3, which contains three tracks that are undoubtedly the best Ethereal Wave songs I’ve heard in a long time. EST is going to release the EP combined with their previous EP The Everies on a limited 10” vinyl and i know what i want for my birthday. Get Electronic Social Transformation HERE and give them some love on Instagram.

And we close this post off with Schonwald from Italy and their Abstraction album that has been released in last February. Darkwave / Postpunk that will warm your cold heart, Schonwald‘s music is something i could spin all day. Get Abstraction HERE and follow them on Instagram.

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