Listen to new music from Sershen & Zaritskaya, Lost Division, Sara Loera, Gazelle Twin, Normoria, Devonian, Mutum, Superlynx, and Nordgeist

Sershen & Zaritskaya

Got my A.A. Williams vinyl in the mail today so I’m a little distracted to write this intro cause I wanna give that vinyl a spin. Nine new songs for you today, varying from extreme cold Black Metal to an excellent cover from The Beatles.

Sershen & Zaritskaya, vocalist Daria Zaritskaya, and guitarist Sergey Sershen, along with bassist Alex Shturmak and drummer Dmitry Kim are releasing cover songs from all sorts of bands, Kiss, Whitesnake, Ray Parker Jr, Alannah Myles, and so on. I got to know the duo through their cover version of Barracuda, the song from Heart. I thought it was impossible that someone could do a better version of this song than Heart itself but Sershen & Zaritskaya did it and it showed what an amazing vocalist Daria is. And now we have The Beatles done by Sershen & Zaritskaya, life is simply beautiful. Support them on Patreon and follow Daria on Instagram or Sergey’s Instagram.

Lost Division released in 2018 the fantastic single Wish You Were Dead and now we get a full album so that makes me happy. Cuts and Scars is out on May 28 and should bring 10 killer Hardrock tracks with a slightly Metal touch. The Queen is the first single and it is already clear that Cuts and Scars is going to be awesome. Pre-order HERE and check them out on Instagram.

Can someone please give Sara Loera a band, a vocalist who can easily sing songs from Dio, see the video below, The Carpenters, AC/DC, Blondie, and Barbara Streisand among others, and make each song sounds right with her voice deserves to be on the big stage. Well, perhaps YouTube is her big stage so go over to her YouTube channel HERE to check out her other covers and give her some love on Instagram. Oh and Sara, I would love to hear you sing Dream On from Aerosmith.

Gazelle Twin recorded the soundtrack for the movie The Power, a supernatural thriller that is available to stream on Shudder from April 8 if available in your country. Gazelle Twin you might know from her 2018 album Pastoral which ended on 1 in The Quietus top 100 albums of 2018. And this soundtrack is the first new solo work from Gazelle Twin and I must say, pretty impressive. Electronics never sounded so spookily. Get the single, The Well, HERE and stay updated on Gazelle Twin‘s Instagram.

Found this video from Normoria and it got me to investigate more of their music. Normoria is a US/Swedish band and creates Dark Electro-Industrial that is highly enjoyable, stomping beats and with the versatile vocals from Angel Moonshine. The song in the video is taken from their 2020 EP Voyage, get it HERE and make sure you follow them on Instagram as news is out that Normoria will be back in the studio for a new EP, no release date know yet.

Devonian from Australia got me on the wrong foot at first with their recently released video, I didn’t hear the band’s music before and when Diletta Luna started singing I honestly thought that Devonian was a Symphonic Metal band but when Diletta all of a suddenly started growling I was really surprised. So, Melodic Death Metal it is but euh, very Symphonic also and that’s a compliment. Really cool how Devonian mixes those styles and the Demonic growls from Diletta combined with her beautiful and powerful cleans making Devonian a band that deserves your attention. Their Witchcraft EP dates from 2020 and you can get it HERE and follow them on Instagram.

Where Devonian got me on the wrong foot, Mutum from Mexico is a Symphonic Metal band and I knew this since Mutum already released albums in 2006 and 2013 which I happen to know and now out of the blue, the band presents a new single after seven years of silence. Mutum is sonically and compositionally superb, it’s bombastic and epic and I love it! Get the single Centipede HERE and show Mutum some love on Instagram.

Superlynx released the second single from the upcoming album Electric Temple, out April 16 via Dark Essence Records, and this song got me even more excited to hear the whole album and I know, Doom Metal is not for happy people but the way Superlynx does it, it is. Pre-order Electric Temple HERE and connect with them on Instagram.

Nordgeist creates pure art and I really like the cold and grimm intensity I hear with this track from the upcoming album Frostwinter, out April 23 via Kunsthall Produktionen. T is the mysterious mastermind behind Nordgeist and she hails from the coldest parts of Russia. It’s been a while since I’ve last heard Black Metal like this and now I think about it, Nordgeist actually doesn’t create pure art, Nordgeist is pure art! Pre-order Frostwinter HERE and connect with Nordgeist on Facebook.

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