Stripped to the bone Doom Metal with a Shamanic flavour, an interview with Indigo Raven

Indigo Raven

France has some prominent things like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre-Dame, Mont Blanc and now we can ad Indigo Raven to that list. Superb Shamanic Doom Metal with the haunting vocals from Julie Docteur who was so kind to answer a few questions.

Indigo Raven is a relatively new band on the doom front, can you introduce the band a little to the people who don’t know you yet?

Well, we started as a duet in autumn 2019 and recorded our first EP, and our bass player Jean joined us in late 2020. We each worked or currently work on other projects, from folk to black metal, and various pathways in between.

I’ve noticed you got signed to Argonauta Records and that a full-length is on its way, can you share some more details about the upcoming album?

Well, let’s say it’s gonna be more doom & gloom for sure! That’s how the first titles brought and we decided to sink deeper under that wave and see what would come out of it. Ben created a lot of instrumental material so we’d have the choice to mold it however we want. He gives me a looooot of space to work on, which is both very exciting and frightening at the same time. Lots of space to experiment whatever feels right, to express, lots of space to make the song travel to another universe, to immerse, lots of space to try out things I never dared to. The creativity of this guy still amazes me, even though he’s a punk down to the bone.

The cover you did from Mazzy Star’s song Into Dust turned out really beautiful but I have to ask, why a cover from Mazzy Star?

First of all, thanks for the compliment! I can’t really say it was a random choice, but here’s the true story: I listened to Mazzy Star a lot, but especially during last summer, and the idea came while on holidays, driving through the French countryside at dusk lights. I just thought I’d love to make a cover of this song as it provoked so beautiful emotions. I submitted the idea to Ben who was curious and enthusiastic about the challenge, as we can’t really say we tapped into the same style! A few hours later he sent me his instrumental version and we recorded our full version a few weeks later.

Indigo Raven started as a duo but recently became a three-piece with the addition of Jean. Is he a friend of the band that just also joined or were you actively seeking more band members?

Jean is a very good friend of ours, who we first asked to be our session bass player for the full length. We could use a few more members especially if/when touring, but above all, we value the genuine connection we share. So, we asked Jean to be part of the band because it was somehow obvious.

What kind of art inspires Indigo Raven to create these melancholic tunes?

Musically speaking, it could be a Peaceville Three version, corrupted by sludge and worldwide wild spells. Our inspirations are rooted in subcultural music in general, as we listen to a wide range of genres. Added to the musical domain, psychology, metaphysics, spirituality, and first nations cultures are clearly a great source of thinking, and have a big part in the themes approached or the atmospheres we try to create. I personally draw into psychology, poetry or nature-writing books, and shamanic work. As Ben likes to say, we’re more into intentional than technical music.
All of us bask in tattoo culture as well, as I’m a tattooist, Jean manages a studio, and Ben is the favorite guinea pig of my coworkers and me, whenever there’s a stupid idea to try!

Is there a lyrical theme or concept in the lyrics?

Yeah, definitely. All the songs of the EP focus on the human condition, its multiple layers, to dispose of, in order to find your inner core and your sacred essence. Music is such a perfect catalyst to convey ideals, a transmutation of psyche scales of anger, trauma, and despair, into vivid energy granting freedom. On the upcoming album, some of the songs are more personal reckonings (again, music is salvation for a lot of us, listeners or doers), and some question our Occidental societies, our destructive or possibly constructive role in the natural realm.

What does Indigo Raven in its free time?

As each respectable doom band does: beers, laughter, and cigarettes. And overthinking metaphysical questions as a way to relax, just to be healthily goths.

The last one, feel free to mention anything I didn’t ask, and thanks for taking the time to answer.

We’re about to celebrate the 1st anniversary of our EP release and can’t stop being surprised and amazed by the great feedback we get. We’d like to thank all those who support us, daily or just by taking the time to listen. Most of all, we’re very grateful to Gero of Argonauta Records, who are always enthusiastic and professional. He quickly believed in us, and it undeniably got us more driven than ever to do our best.

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