Listen to new music from Hermana Furia, Everlust, Heaven’s Guard, Volturian, Cadaveria, Chaos Rising, The Breath of Life, Maggot Heart, and Heavy Temple

Hermana Furia

Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with Doom, Symphonic, Hardrock, a heavy Thrash/Death banger, and raw Punk. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

My knowledge of the Spanish language is even below zero so I haven’t got a clue what Hermana Furia is all about but do I like them, fuck yeah! Their highly energetic Hardrock/Stoner is addictive and sheer fun and Google translate told me there should be a full-length album coming somewhere this year. Update your Spanish on Hermana Furia‘s Instagram and pre-save their upcoming full-length, I think the title will be Morse, HERE.

The Wormholedeath label keeps popping out excellent albums and the sophomore album, Diary of Existence, from Everlust is no exception to that. Based in Latvia and according to the band itself, they’re the only active Gothic Metal band left in their region so give them some support on Instagram, and on May 7 the album should be available on all digital platforms.

Heaven’s Guard inked a record deal with Boersma Records a few days ago so their already recorded debut album Pathfinder will be released later this year. The band already released a single with their blend of Symphonic Metal and if the full-length contains more of this bombastic and epic Metal then the World is in for a treat. Keep up to date with Heaven’s Guard on their Instagram en get the single HERE.

I’ve spent some time with Volturian during my daily job, the recently released video of In A heartbeat is taken from Volturian‘s 2020 debut album Crimson. I missed the release last year so Volturian is completely new to me and I’m glad I get to know them now, catchy and powerful Symphonic Metal with a bright production. And as a special treat, Volturian did put a really cool cover from Roxette‘s song Fading Like a Flower on the album. Get Crimson HERE and follow them on Instagram.

I said it before and I keep on saying it, Cadaveria never disappoints with their music. With Shamanic Path the band released a brand new single and if I’m not mistaken it’s their fifth single since Cadaveria returned to the scene. Hopefully, they will stay with us for a long time now and keep on releasing quality Metal like this. Get the single HERE and connect with Cadaveria on Instagram.

Such a cool project it is, Chaos Rising released a new song, and this time it’s a heavy Death/Thrash banger that is going to be a challenge for the muscles in your neck. With Stephanie from Unsafe on guitar, Pitchu on drums (ex Nervosa), Imke from Realm of Chaos on vocals, and bass by Tina from Demorphed, how many more talented people do you want? Check out HERE for more Chaos Rising, support them on Bandcamp, and send some love to their Instagram.

I had no idea that The Breath of Life was still alive, somehow lost them out of my sight in the 00’s so it was a real surprise to find out they still are active and even released a new album last year. But that’s not why The Breath of Life is included here, they made a unique and special cover of one of Implant‘s songs for their Cognitive Dissonance album out via Alfa Matrix. Get more of The Breath of Life HERE and give them a like on Facebook

Maggot Heart is the brainchild from Linnéa Olsson who you might know as the guitar player from Grave Pleasures and The Oath among others. With Maggot Heart she also does the vocals and Mercy Machine, where the song Roses is taken from, dates back from 2020 but gets in the spotlight again with this recently released video. Raw sounding Punk with a lot of attitudes but crafted by very talented people and you can hear that. Get Mercy Machine HERE and follow Rapid Eye Records, the record label from Linnéa, on Instagram

Psychedelic doomsters Heavy Temple started in 2012 but it took them till 2021 before a full album comes available. But we have to wait till June 18 as the album Lupi Amoris will then be released by Magnetic Eye Records. And yeah, Heavy Temple has some EP’s, singles, and splits in their back catalog but a full album from them is something to look out for. Pre-order HERE and follow them on Instagram.

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