Listen to new music from Dead Venus, Heavy Feather, Julinko, Sokoninaru, Temtris, Animal Schoolbus, Manora, Oryad, and Aura

Dead Venus

Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with some really cool Grindcore, excellent Doom, dark experimental, pure Metal, and the greatest version of Rossini’s Inflammatus you will ever hear. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

The first single from the second album of Dead Venus, the Progressive Rock/Metal trio that creates amazing and versatile music. There are still people out there that are complaining that Seraina should have stayed with Burning Witches but I think she is where she needs to be right now, everyone must follow their own path. Stay updated about the release date on Instagram and get some Dead Venus merch HERE.

On April 9 Heavy Feather will release their second full-length Mountain of Sugar. Three single so far have been released and I just can’t stop listening to them, their bluesy retro-rock is fantastic. Pre-order HERE and on May 2 Heavy Feather will have an online release show HERE so I know what I will be doing on that day. Check Heavy Feather also out on Instagram.

Dark and moody, experimental and ethereal, drone and ambient, Julinko has it all. Written and recorded by Giulia Parin Zecchin on her own and she took it into a new and more experimental direction after the 2019 album Nektar which was heavier but already showed the artistic side of Julinko. When live shows are part of real life again I would love to see Julinko live someday. Get the album No Destroyer HERE and follow Julinko on Instagram.

The video from Sokoninaru premiered on April fools day but the music from Sokoninaru is far from being a joke, as it is excellent Rock/Metal. The song White For is taken from their 2020 album with a title I can’t type here as it is in Japanese. Follow Sokoninaru on Instagram.

I was waiting for this one, the sixth album from Australia’s own Temtris. On April 30 Ritual Warfare will have its entry into the world and it will be a day to remember because pure Metal is born that day. Temtris is gonna take the world with this one, get the single HERE and support Metal on the Instagram of Temtris.

A daddy/daughter Grindcore duo, how cool is that? Animal Schoolbus will be releasing the album Going To Grammy’s House​!​? 2021 Remix on April 30 via Lawnmowerjetpack Records. The album is a collection of songs from different ages of singer Princess Beast who is now at the age of nine. When she was two there was already an album recorded and those songs can be found along with new songs and three songs from a live performance. I like it cause it has those early Grindcore vibes that for example Agathocles, Sorethroat, and S.O.B. had in the eighties. Pre-order HERE and give them a like on Facebook.

I had to dig really deep in my memory cause the band name sounded familiar to me but I’m getting old so I couldn’t think of anything why Manora sounded familiar to me so eventually I went over to Manora‘s Bandcamp page and yes, I did know them from their 2017 album Dreamshapes that didn’t impress me that much because of Mirte’s vocals on that one but boy, has she improved! And actually, the whole band improved, Wired to Obey sounds way more heavy and bombastic and if this single is the first taste from their upcoming album later this year then I eagerly await it. Get the single HERE and stay up to date with Manora on Instagram.

Okay, this is awesome and it totally blew me away, Oryad made a Metal arrangement of Inflammatus from composer Rossini and it’s insane how well it turned out. The heavy and doomy arrangement is dominated by bass and the operatic vocals from Moira are out of this world. Oryad is going to release their first EP somewhere in June, for now, there are three singles available, get them HERE and follow Oryad on Instagram.

YouTube provides me sometimes with great suggestions, I didn’t know Russian Aura before but after watching their video for the song The City I immediately headed over to their bandcamp page to check out more of their music. The City is the official video for this song taken from their 2019 album Evil Magic. After that Aura released a single, Dream to Kill, in 2020. I had a hard time about how to describe their style but the band does it better than me, charismatic sympho power-speed metal with various elements from different genres ranging from black metal to folk is what they call it. Get Aura’s music HERE and follow Auro on Instagram.

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