Listen to new music from Illumishade, Thundermother, Veile, Upon Wings, Dark Empathy, Aetherea, Aventh, Kælan Mikla, and Inherit Death,


Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with some really cool Synthpunk/Darkpop, Blackened Horror Metal, Death fucking Metal and some cool Hardrock among others. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Yes, beautifully done this acoustic version by Guardian, vocalist from Illumishade, What Have I Become is a ballad from their 2020 album ECLYPTIC: Wake of Shadows that you can get HERE and follow them on Instagram to find out more about Illumishade.

Thundermother is one of those bands that can’t do anything wrong with me, everything they do I like and this new single is no exception to that. The Road is Ours is taken from Heat Wave-Deluxe Edition that will be out May 21 via AFM Records. This deluxe version of their 2020 album will contain three new tracks, live tracks, and acoustic versions. Count me in and pre-orders can be done HERE and check out what Thundermother is doing on Instagram.

Veile is a brand new entity on the Blackened Horror Metal front and I for sure hope they will stay here for a while as their music is sick. With vocalist Anabelle from the now on hold band Devilment and together with Charles Edward Alexander Hedger (guitar/composer) and Frank Skillpero on drums, they will make the world haunted with their creative outputs. The Unwelcome is Veile‘s first single and you can get it HERE and stay up to date on Instagram on the release of more singles.

I didn’t know Upon Wings before the video for Eternal Way came online and the dreamy voice from Anne Autumn Erickson got me hooked immediately. There is an EP from 2013 and a few singles after that but the direction that’s been chosen for Eternal Way differs a little from their previous stuff which is more with operatic vocals. Get Eternal Ways on your desired platforms HERE and follow Upon Wings on Instagram.

Sometimes it’s hard to find out more about a band if a band gives little information about themselves, I was already busy figuring out what the deal with Upon Wings was, and next to that came Dark Empathy but hey, no problem, I found it. Dark Empathy comes from Portugal and is the brainchild of vocalist Irinah from Swamp Planet (although their Bandcamp page states Neide Rodrigues as vocalist so not sure about this but cool band btw, check them out HERE) en guitarist Valter from Upstream and Electrik Experiment. So, Dark Empathy is new on the Modern Metal front and could use your support HERE and on Instagram.

Not sure what went wrong but the lines below the video states that the album Through Infinite Dimensions should have its release in 2020 but it became April 3, 2021, but never mind, it’s here and you need to hear it. Sparkling bright Symphonic Metal with a shitload of power, get it HERE and give Aetherea some love on Instagram.

Melodic Death Metal from Brazil, what’s not to like? On April 1 Aventh released their Overshadow EP with four killer tracks which include the demonic growls from Roh Souza. And check out their cool cover version from Savatage‘s Gutter Ballet on their Spotify page, along with their Overshadow EP HERE, and yes, give them some love on Instagram. In times like these bands can use every support.

Kælan Mikla released a new single and it’s a stunning one with an even more stunning accompanying video which really shows the raw beauty of Iceland, home for Kælan Mikla. Need I say more? Get the single HERE and yes, you should follow Kælan Mikla on Instagram to stay updated about their musical journey.

Haha, the video with Baby Yoda that Inherit Death did put on their YouTube channel is hilarious. Inherit Death released their S/T album a few days ago filled with old-school Death Metal and with sick vocals by Ana Xano. You can get it on your favorite platforms but I’ll provide the Spotify link HERE and yes, for Inherit Death the same, follow them on Instagram.

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