Listen to new music from Odysseus, Skarlett Riot, Ischemic, Syteria, Sharone, Unrealism, Kirlian Camera, Kings Winter, and Night Haze


Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today‚Äôs post is filled with Darkwave, Blackened Doom, some serious Death Fukkin Metal, Happy Hardrock, and Dark Electronics among others. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Holy fuck, Odysseus from the UK is beyond awesome, usually, I’m not that much into Tech-Death but the sheer aggression that Odysseus spreads is relentless and I like that. To make it even sicker, Rachael is added to the band as vocalist and she growls and screams as if she releases all the anger in the world at one time. If Odysseus can keep it up and release more like this they will be a big name in the scene, mark my words. Get the single HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook to stay updated for hopefully new releases.

Skarlett Riot is getting ready for the release of their third full-length album Invicta on May 7 via Despotz Records. There’s huge progress when comparing the new songs to their 2017 album Regenerate although it was a great album for its time, Invicta sounds heavier and not too complicated with solid rhythms and Skarlett’s voice sounds more mature so it’s safe to say that Invicta is Skarlett Riot‘s best work till date. Pre-order HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook.

The nice folks of Canada’s Ischemic released their second full-length a couple of days ago, the self-titled album contains only four songs but has lengthy songs with one song even being a 22-minute monster. Ischemic creates Blackened Doom with solid flirts from Death Metal with an overall dark atmosphere and kinda lo-fi attitude, all being things that I like, get the album HERE and check Ischemic out on their socials Instagram | Facebook.

Not so much new as Syteria‘s album Reflection dates from 2020 but recently the band released an official video for the album’s title track and to be honest, I kinda missed that release so new music it actually is for me. Syteria‘s debut album Rant-O-Bot from 2017 I have and this new album is a huge leap forward for the band as the sound improved a lot and the overall vibe is something like happy, Syteria just makes me happy. Get Reflection HERE, and yes, Jackie Chambers from legendary Girlschool formed the band so give them a shout at their socials Instagram | Facebook.

Sharone from the US released an official music video for the fourth and final single Diamond which is taken from her upcoming album Morbid Illusion out May 28 via Devil Inside Records. The music has some dark elements in it that I like, almost a sort of Gothic vibe. Great music and I’m looking forward to the full album and in the mean time, get the single HERE and send some love on Sharone‘s socials Instagram | Facebook.

Unrealism is a project with Alessandra Lodoli, Amauri Soares, and Guilherme Floriano and released its first single Drink With Me. There is little known and little to be found about the project but what I could find is that the three of them are all in different bands and the project started about one year and a half ago. I do hope more songs will follow as this has some serious potential. No band socials so far but you can connect with Alessandra on her Instagram | Facebook.

A new Kirlian Camera song is always a reason to be happy, the dark electronics from them are outstanding and I can’t wait till May 14 as their new album Cold Pills (Scarlet Gate of Toxic Daybreak) shall see the light of day. Pre-order HERE and check out their socials Instagram | Facebook.

Kings Winter is a fresh and relatively young band from Germany and ready to take on the world with their blend of Melodic Heavy Metal. Edge of Existence is the title track for the upcoming debut album out on May 1, pre-order it HERE and I will for sure check the full album out when it’s released, I really like the catchy melodies and that vocalist Jule not only use her clean voice. Stay up to date with Kings Winter on their socials Instagram | Facebook.

And last but not least, I’ve got some formidable Darkwave for ya from Greece-based Night Haze. The song The Light is taken from their upcoming EP Serial Dreamer, release date yet unknown but it should be soon so keep an eye on their socials Instagram | Facebook

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