Listen to new music from No Terror in The Bang, Crypta, Denuit, Sabrina Sabrok, Velvet Viper, Diamante, Buzzard, Innocence Lost, and Gothic Sky

No Terror In The Bang

Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music from all over the world, from Brasil to Russia and from France to the US. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

What an amazing band, No Terror in The Bang took its name from an Alfred Hitchcock quote and describes themselves as a Cinematic Metal band and are hailing from France. In March the band released its debut album and recently an official music video was unleashed for the song Another Kind of Violence. When the Beauty and the Beast would have an offspring, it would be No Terror in The Bang, get the album Eclosion HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook

Yes, Crypta! Finally some music from the international supergroup with the first single From The Ashes, taken from the upcoming album Echoes of the Soul, out June 11 via Napalm Records. And I wasn’t the only one who was waiting as the video within a day after its release nearly 100K views reached. Who said that Death Metal is dead? Pre-order HERE and send some love to Crypta‘s socials Instagram | Facebook

Denuit from France is doing some cool things with their Darkwave art, they’re making it even more creative by shooting a video for every song of their Black Sun album, and every month a new single and accompanying video drops. Crooked Tree is number three out of ten songs so guess which subscribe button I just hit HERE? And so should you or follow Denuit on Instagram | Facebook

Naughty, very naughty Sabrina Sabrok dropped a new single onto the world. Most people shall know her from her career in the adult entertainment industry but as a musician, she’s already kicking it since 1997. Back then it was pure punk but changed to Modern Metal in 2016 and ill admit, throughout the years the songs got better and better and I actually dig this latest one really well. Check out her socials Instagram | Facebook and by the way, NSFW.

I had to Google for the age of Jutta Weinhold but holy crap, this lady is 73 years old! And what power there still is in her voice, incredible. It is said that Jutta was the inspiration for Doro Pesch to become a Heavy Metal singer back in the 80ies. Velvet Viper‘s new album Cosmic Healer will be out on April 23 via Massacre Records and pre-orders can be done HERE and send Jutta the respect that she deserves on the Facebook page from Velvet Viper.

I had to sit down and absorb this new single from Diamante fully, her 2018 album Coming in Hot is still often played over here and now there’s a new one on its way, American Dream is out on May 7 and can be pre-ordered HERE. If the rest of the songs are as badass as Ghost Myself is then I’m gonna be a happy camper. Follow Diamante on her Instagram | Facebook

Buzzard is a Brazillian duo that plays Stoner with Psychedelic and Ritualistic vibes, their just recently released four-track EP Eye of the Sun contains two instrumental tracks and two with vocals and the more I listen to it, the greater its get. Get Eye of the Sun HERE and keep updated on their Instagram | Facebook

And more from Brazil, Progressive Metallers Innocence Lost formed the band in 2007 and kept pushing it till 2017 when they took a break to return in 2020 with the single Wake Up. And now another new single is here, Iris, and the band brought in a whole lot of symphonic parts what gives the song a powerful body but at the same time, it has a fragile feeling. An excellent song that you can get HERE and send some love to their socials Instagram | Facebook

And from Brasil to the other end of the world, Russia, home of Blackenened Gothic Metal band Gothic Sky. Originally started out as a Doom/Death band back in 1997 but slowly turned into more Melodic Black Metal and with their latest two albums, the band cooperates with Juliana Savchenko from Witchcraft as a session singer which gives the sound a rich warm feeling next to the grimm metal parts. In Search of the Lost Soul was released a few days ago and you can get this fantastic and diverse album HERE and check them out on VK, so far as I know their only social media.

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