Listen to new music from Shiningstar, Lightmaker, Jane N’ The Jungle, Hanging Garden, Wytch, Drown This City, King Witch, Parity, and Acid’s Trip


Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with loads of Doom which includes a Black Sabbath cover, Modern stuff, Blackened Symphonic’s, and some cool Rock & Roll. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Holy Fuck, such a great new find, Shiningstar from Russia. Epic and bombastic Symphonic Metal with a Blackened edge due to the demonic growls from Elena. Thus far the band released three singles being Fire. Wind. Water. Earth the latest and the good news is that Shiningstar inked a deal with Time To Kill Records and their debut album, Destiny, will see an official release in late 2021. Watch for details on the album release on Shiningstar‘s Instagram | Facebook and get their singles HERE

Lightmaker released their S/T debut album a few months ago in November 2020 and just recently Lightmaker gave YouTube the honor to host the official video for the song Sweet Fire. Superb Psychedelic Doom and Lightmaker got themselves a new fan. Get the album HERE in digital and vinyl format and follow Lightmaker on Instagram | Facebook

Alternative Rockers Jane N’ The Jungle released a new single, Trouble. With the versatile vocals from Jordan White the band started somewhere in 2013 when the songwriting began. Fast forward to now and the band is getting more and more attention for their Alt Rock and I must say, it’s well deserved. Get the single HERE and stay updated on their socials Instagram | Facebook

Hanging Garden from Finland is about to release their seventh album Skeleton Lake on May 21 via Lifeforce Records. I know the band from their 2013 album At Every Door which was a fantastic Doom/Death album and sadly lost track of them but hey, on the bright side, this new song Kuura was a big surprise to me. Hanging Garden evolved to something much bigger than ordinary Doom/Death and no, there’s nothing wrong with ordinary Doom/Death but what Hanging Garden creates these days is beyond words. Make sure to pre-order Skeleton Lake HERE and follow them to stay updated on Instagram | Facebook

Wytch from Sweden features members from Otyg, The Spacious Mind, TME, Vintersorg, and Stardog. Under the moniker Aska the band released a four-track EP back in 2017 and from what I remember about it, it was a blend of Psych Doom/Rock and Punk Rock songs that shook the world. And now, under the name Wytch, the band is going to release its debut full-length via Ripple Music on May 21. Pre-order the digital, vinyl, and cd version HERE and give the Heavy Rockers a shout at their socials Instagram | Facebook. Beautiful artwork by the way.

Coming in loud, coming in really loud, Australia’s own Drown This City released a new single, and it’s a Melodic yet face-melting track. Enough said, you need to hear this epic Post Hardcore, get the Single New Burn Order HERE and send some love to their socials Instagram | Facebook

Black Sabbath lovers King Witch did a cover of Children of the Sea from the mighty BS as a part of an upcoming EP Worship the Riffs which will contain more cover songs. And King Witch asks if they do justice with their version and I say, definitely! Connect with King Witch to stay updated on more covers that are unleashed on Instagram | Facebook

Cool, I don’t know that many bands from Luxembourg, I knew a dozen bands from over there when the Death/Black scene was on the rise but as far as I know most of them split-up. So we have a new standard-bearer for Luxembourg’s Metal with Parity, a Modern Metal band that just recently released its first official video for the song Utopia, taken from their 2020 EP Ocean. Get the EP HERE and support them on Instagram | Facebook

And the last one for today, Swedish Acid’s Trip is a band whom’s band name was never more accurate when it comes to describing the music, Acid’s Trip is like tripping on Acid. Groovy 70ies soulful hard-hitting Rock & Roll with the right amount of attitude. Just A Man is their second single taken from the upcoming debut album Strings of Soul out on May 7 via Heavy Psych Sounds. Get it HERE and follow Acid’s Trip on Instagram | Facebook

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