Listen to new music from Noira, Soul of Broken, Bullet to the Heart, Vicky Psarakis, Imperial Age, Dust in Mind, Carnivora, Brutal Desire, and Lodestar


Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with amazing cover songs, Hardrock, Doom Metal, and intense Industrial among others. Check them out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Noira

Noira from Finland is new and they are here with a bang, their first single was released a couple of days ago and damn, I think many bands would like to have a debut like this. I get some strong Marilyn Manson vibes with Parasite and the accompanying video is a lust for the eyes. Expect great things from Noira in the future so connect with them on Instagram | Facebook and get the single HERE

What a beautiful tribute made Soul of Broken from Indonesia for their sadly passed away friend with this video, it actually made me feel sad. The song comes from their 2020 EP Cry of Delinquent that contains three songs and you can find it on Spotify HERE and give some support on Instagram | Facebook

Hardrockers Bullet to the Heart released an official video for their 2020 single Birth of a Tragedy. I didn’t know the band before so did a little digging in their back catalog and it turns out to be a great and energetic band, check them out HERE and connect with them on Instagram | Facebook

Vicky Psarakis, who you should know as vocalist for The Agonist, did a really cool cover of Children of Bodom‘s song Hate Me together with Quentin Cornet and Nils Courbaron. Connect with Vicky on Instagram | Facebook as she’s done more great covers in the recent past and probably will do more.

And another great cover, this time by Imperial Age who did a cover version of Powerwolf‘s song Demons are a Girl’s best Friend. Stream the song HERE on your favorite platform and follow Imperial Age on Instagram | Facebook to stay updated about news concerning their new album that should be out this December.

French Dust in Mind presents their new single Lost Control and the band seems to be developing with each release to a more accessible sound, it’s still unmistakenly Dust in Mind cause if you listen to their 2015 debut album you can hear the same music and groove but less harsh, a bit slower and more structured. Great band and I’m curious about new stuff from them to see how far their development goes. Get Lost Control HERE and if you’re as curious as I am about their development follow them on Instagram | Facebook

Carnivora was completely new to me although the band exists since 2010 but in my defense, the band hasn’t been very active when it comes to bringing out stuff, a debut album in 2013, and a few singles and one EP, and now their latest single Hypnogenic. Hopefully, their announced upcoming full-length will see the light of day soon as their energetic Groove Death Metal is highly enjoyable. Get the single HERE and follow Carnivora on Instagram | Facebook to stay updated about the album.

Brasil never disappoints when it comes to delivering brutal shit, after two singles the band took on Diabolique for the vocals and Bloodshed is the first single that the band presents with the new lineup. Brutal as fuck but also with melodic parts and clean singing and yes, I wanna hear more from them, would be cool to see how Brutal Desire is gonna develop itself. The single not yet on Spotify but I guess it will be soon there so check their Spotify page HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook

And we close this off with Lodestar, a band that’s active since 2020 and already released six singles being Until the End the latest. Hailing from Canada where Lodestar produces emotional doomy Metal/Rock that is outstanding, especially the voice from Kate. Get the singles HERE and follow Lodestar on Instagram

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