Listen to new music from Vermilia, Bloodfinch, Deathsomnia, Gumiho, Synthwailer, Rebirth, Wicked Cat, Enemy Awake, and Magg Dylan


Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music from an Ethereal Piano song to the most brutal Death Metal so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Vermilia

Pagan Metal artist Vermilia released an absolutely beautiful and stunning piano version of Pimeä Polku, a song that originally appeared on her 2020 EP Keskeneräisiä Tarinoita and they’re two totally different songs now. Get Vermilia‘s Pagan Metal HERE and send some love to Finland through Instagram | Facebook

Ha, cool, Bloodfinch recorded their first song ever as a band. I think it’s really cool that people in current times still are starting bands and having fun with music. Melodic Thrash is what Bloodfinch is all about and they done a pretty good job on The Red One so make sure you follow them on Instagram | Facebook so later on you can say that you were there when it all started.

Deathsomnia released a cool single with two tracks and one being Celebrity Lifestyle, a cover from Swans. That alone should be enough for you to get the single but then I wouldn’t do justice to Deathsomnia‘s own song, Self Sabotage, which is dark and dreamy soundscapes with an Industrial touch. Perfect moody stuff that you can get HERE and follow Deathsomnia on Instagram | Facebook as later this year their debut album will see the light of day.

Punk from South Korea, how can I say no to that? Gumiho teamed up with three other punk bands for a vinyl 7″, Sino Hearts from China, Old Wives from Canada, and Original Son from the US. Get the 7″ or digitally HERE and check Gumiho out on Instagram | Facebook. Punk is definitely not dead!

Symphonic Metal fans should pay attention as it doesn’t get more Symphonic than Synthwailer that released a few days ago its debut full-length Highway to the Stars. Completely digital created by Sami Parkkonen with vocals by Morgane Matteuzzi and you should check out her other music HERE on Spotify as she is a very versatile singer. Get Highway to the Stars HERE and follow Synthwailer on Instagram | Facebook

Rebirth from Itali is making a comeback, the band only released their Frozen Moments album back in 2006 and now there is a new EP called Storm. And what a powerful comeback, top-notch Symphonic Metal and I’m glad they’re back. Get Storm HERE and support Rebirth on Instagram | Facebook

Wicked Cat from Russia just recently released a new single, They, and it’s their first sign of life since their 2019 album The Perfect Crew. Wicked Cat is fronted by Alena Yashkina and for this song, Inna Goryachaya did also some vocal parts. This song is more melodic than Wicked Cat‘s previous material where some raging Melodic Death Metal can be found so I’m curious about how Wicked Cat is going to develop itself. Get the single HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook because they’re a fun band.

Enemy Awake unleashed a video in support of their second album Fallen World that was released in February this year and it’s the first one where Rebecca Holm did the vocal duties. I was really surprised by the song in the video with its slow Doom/Death vibe and wondered why they label themself as Melodic Death Metal so I rushed over to their Bandcamp page to find a very versatile album that contains songs from slow to fast but all with that crushing guitar sound. An excellent album that you can get HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook

Alternative Metal outfit Magg Dylan released a new single via Eclipse Records and it’s a heavy banger with loads of melody. And because I never heard before of Magg Dylan I did a little investigation on them and they also have a really cool cover of You Oughta Know from Alanis Morissette. Get Pawns HERE and learn more about Magg Dylan on Instagram | Facebook

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