Listen to new music from Baptiism, Gåte, Matriarchs, Ariez, Hiraes, Dimman, Slutbomb, Tribal Witch, and Left Hand Solution


Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music from Black Metal to Folk and everything in between so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis. Over 250 bands by now!

Photo: Baptiism

Black Metal comes in all sorts and shapes and well, Christian Symphonic Black Metal is one of them. The project Baptiism is created by Lina Mörtemiis who was formerly, or maybe still is, very active with DSBM project Nihilistium which produced Raw Black Metal in the likes of Burzum‘s early days. Also highly recommended so check out Nihilistium HERE. Baptiism has the same rawness as Nihilistium but is indeed way more Symphonic and has some folk-ish melodies. Great and pure underground stuff that you can get HERE and follow Lina on Instagram | Facebook as there should be a full album on its way from Baptiism so you can stay tuned.

There couldn’t be a bigger difference between musical styles with the above-mentioned Baptiism and the Nordic Folk from Gåte and it also displays the wide variety of music that I like. Gåte was already included in a post a while ago with the song Kjærleik but now the band released a beautiful video for it so it would be a waste not to show it. Kjærleik comes from the upcoming EP Till Nord with no release date yet to know. Get Kjærleik HERE and follow Gåte on Instagram | Facebook

I had to look up who Florence and the Machine are and apparently this band is on Spotify the 467th most played artist. And I never heard about them before? Funny how things can go, the Matriarchs introduce me to a great Indie band with their amazing cover for Heavy in Your Arms, a 2010 song from Florence + the Machine as they stylistically call themselves. By the way, Matriarchs released last year the album Year of the Rat filled with ultra Heavy Metallic Hardcore that you can get HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook

Ariez from Germany has an incredible 70ies sound and the good news is that their demo EP Ritual Doom will have a limited edition vinyl release in August this year via DHU Records and I’ll make sure I get one. If you like occult doomy rock from the past, you don’t wanna miss out on Ariez, get it HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook to stay tuned about the vinyl release.

Napalm Records found another gem in Germany, Hiraes comes forth from the ashes of Dawn of Disease and was completed with vocalist Britta Görtz who is also active in Critical Mess. Top-notch Melodic Death Metal and I’m really looking forward to their debut album Solitary that’s set for release on June 25 via Napalm Records of course. Pre-order it HERE and follow Hiraes on Instagram | Facebook

Modern Metallers Dimman from Finland are new and present their first single Paroxysm from their upcoming debut album Songs and Tales of Grievance, out July 30 via Inverse Records. I really like how Jenna Kohtala and Valtteri Halkola divided the vocal duties, the cleans from Jenna gives the music it Modern touch while the grunts from Valtteri provide the deadly side of Dimman. Realy cool band and you can pre-order Songs and Tales of Grievance HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook as more singles are coming before the album release date so you can stay tuned.

Hardcore/Punk band Slutbomb released a promo for their sophomore full-length 86 12 coming somewhere this year. There were a limited edition of 30 vinyl singles but those are sold out but you can still get the digital version HERE and stay tuned for the full-length on Instagram | Facebook

Tribal Witch from the US presents their first single since the band formed. Old school Hardrock with a Metal edge and even some Modern Metal parts due to the vocals from Meliora. Away is a cool song that shows potential for the future. Stay up to date with Tribal Witch on Instagram | Facebook and get the single HERE

Have you ever wondered how Dolly Parton‘s song Jolene would sound in a Doom Metal version? Well, Left Hand Solution from Sweden got you covered and they did an amazing job. The cover has its place on Left Hand Solution‘s new album Dead of Winter that has been released a few days ago. Get it HERE and follow the band on Instagram | Facebook

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