Listen to new music from Morgehenna, Kryptkeeper, Moyra, Noisebleed, Nocturnal Pestilence, Illusions of Grandeur, Walk in Darkness, Dress the Dead, and Angel Nation


Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music with loads of heavy stuff but I found some Symphonic pearls also so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Morgehenna

Morgehenna is a model, guitarist, and kick-ass singer from the US and she did a vocal and guitar cover together with Elena Verrier from Russia for Deicide‘s song Blame it on God. Morgehenna sings and plays guitar in the band Kryptkeeper that released its first song a few days ago but more on that later. Check out Elena‘s YouTube channel HERE and keep an eye out for the band Evulsion where she plays guitar and make sure to follow Elena on Instagram. Check out Morgehenna‘s YouTube channel HERE and follow her on Instagram

More Morgehenna with the band Kryptkeeper that gave its first sing of life via the song Human Sacrifice. Death fukkin Metal and I would love to hear more from them. I’ll provide you with the Spotify link HERE but you can find the song on all other platforms also. Follow Kryptkeeper on Instagram | Facebook to stay tuned.

And more Death Metal, this time from Polish Moyra that released an official video for the song Ready! Aim and Fire!. The song comes from their 2020 EP ReGenesis that I find a killer one. Moyra released two singles after the EP so get Moyra‘s music HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook

Noisebleed really surprised me with their music, I really love the melodies they put in between the breakdowns. Separation comes from an upcoming split EP, Chirality, with Nocturnal Pestilence that comes out in May. Both bands are hailing from Prague, Czech Republic and there must be something in the water over there as both bands are excellent. More on Nocturnal Pestilence below and go for Noisebleed‘s music over HERE and stay tuned with them on Instagram | Facebook

Remember Noisebleed? Nocturnal Pestilence is doing a split EP with them, remember? For the song The Witch the band has guest vocals from Nicol Hofmanova who sings in the band Stellaris, also from Prague. Remember what I said about something in the water over there? Prague seems to be the hotspot for Modern Metal bands. Get Nocturnal Pestilence‘s music HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook

Illusions of Grandeur is a Hard Rocking Fantasy Metal band led by The Siren. With each song, they tell the story of the journeys, perils, and triumphs of the Siren and her warriors. This is truly music that you have to take a deep dive in to truly appreciated the art that is being made. Get the latest single, The Wolf, from Illusions of Grandeur HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook

What a fantastic single made Walk in Darkness with Bent by Storm and Dreams. The mysterious band that is fronted by Nicoletta Rosellini moves further and further away from the traditional Gothic Metal by which the band started back in 2017 with their debut album In the Shadow of Things. Get Bent by Storm and Dreams HERE and follow them on Facebook. Walk in Darkness is not on Instagram but you can follow Nicoletta HERE

In the meantime Dress the Dead has already a new single out, There Goes the Sun which is also a fantastic banger but since Knives Out has an official video I think it’s better to take this one. The Bay Area Thrashers have with Kayla Dixon a very versatile singer who uses her talent to enrich the songs. Get more Dress the Dead HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook

Angel Nation is busy working on their third album but took a break to record Fly Away, the new single which is dedicated to the memory of a fan’s son. Cool that a band does stuff like this for their fans, get the single on the usual digital platforms, and follow Angel Nation on Instagram | Facebook

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