Listen to new music from Dream Ocean, Sevi, Be Under Arms, We Are Pigs, Lucifer’s Children, Embersland, Acolyte, Seas on the Moon, and Liv Kristine

Dream Ocean

Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music from one of my personal favorites, some sick screaming from Morgan Landers, and other quality Rock and Metal so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Dream Ocean by Zimtshots

I think that Beavis from Beavis and Butthead would approve this video since there is so much fire in it. The Great Silence is the second single from Germany based Dream Ocean‘s sophomore album The Missing Stone. The two released songs so far show a huge improvement when comparing it to debut album, the songs are more structured and it seems that the band gained a lot of songwriting skills. We have to wait for a little for the new album as it is set for a release date on September 24 so check in the meantime The Great Silence out which has a great solo by the way somewhere after the middle of the song. Pre-order The Missing Stone HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook

I didn’t hear of Bulgarian Sevi before but this rock band is amazingly energetic and catchy, I found myself humming along with Svetlana Bliznakova after a few seconds into Dark Knight, Sevi‘s latest single. Get more music from Sevi HERE and if you want to learn the Bulgarian langue, follow Sevi on Instagram | Facebook

One of the better Metalcore bands from Russia, Be Under Arms, released a cover version of Machine Head‘s song Locust. To be honest, I never been a big fan of Machine Head but Be Under Arms made an ultra sick version of Locust that I totally dig. Get more Be Under Arms HERE and stay tuned with them on Instagram | Facebook

That’s some ultra sick screaming that Morgan Lander from Kittie starts the song Moot with. She collaborated with We are Pigs, the project from Esjay Jones that released four singles till now with all songs being some sort of hybrid between sick metal and ethereal melodies. Check out more HERE and send some love to them on Instagram | Facebook

Not so much as new since the Devil Worship album dates from 2020 but if you like old-school Doom you simply need to hear this. Lucifer’s Children are from Paraguay and their Doom has haunting vocals with gritty guitar tones and all the other stuff that a good Doom Metal album has, get it HERE and follow Lucifer’s Children on Instagram | Facebook

Spain’s very own Embersland is ready to release their fourth full-length, The Harbour In Me, somewhere this year I guess as I couldn’t find a release date so you better follow them on Instagram | Facebook to stay tuned about that. Invocation is the sixth single that the band released and the album counts ten songs so I assume we’re getting close to the releases date but for now, have fun with Invocation.

Acolyte from Australia is going to release their new album Entropy on May 14 via Wild Thing Records. With Resentment we have the third single from the album and I had a listen to the lengthy other two tracks, both above 10 minutes, and if the other songs are of the same level then we are in for a very good Prog Rock treat. Pre-order HERE and follow them on Instagram | Facebook

The Voluta brothers did it again, another outstanding song! Seas on the Moon releases mostly singles with various musicians and this time with singer Brooke (Athena) Dougherty with whom the brothers did also a few months ago the song Gone. Get the digital single Promise Land HERE and make sure to follow them on Instagram | Facebook to stay tuned as I have no doubt that future singles will be outstanding also.

And this time I saved the best for last, Liv Kristine. Ever since I heard her in 1995 with Theatre of Tragedy I’m a fan of her and now she’s released a new solo EP called Have Courage Dear Heart. The vinyl release will be on May 7 with limited edition colored vinyl versions that you can pre-order HERE and send some love to Liv on Instagram | Facebook

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