Mixtape with new music from Luna Muerta, Metal Factory, Marta Gabriel, Witchrot, Mitsein, New Saviors, Van Canto, Sacred Groove, and Nawather

Luna Muerta

Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music from being heavy as fuck to sweet and dreamy and also an acapella one so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Luna Muerta

Holy fuck, Luna Muerta comes in with a bulldozer and I have here another gem I never heard of before. Insanely sick and heavy and with a special mention for Jenny, her vocals are out of this world. Metal was meant to be played loud but Luna Muerta must be played extra loud.

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With a name like Metal Factory, you know instantly what kind of music to expect and yes, you’re correct, surprisingly good Heavy Metal from the Czech Republic, and with surprisingly good I mean surprisingly good! The band is currently working on their debut album and if it comes close to Dirty Game then I’m a happy camper.


I don’t read all the news things on the internet so I missed that Marta Gabriel was doing a cover album with songs from ’80s Hardrock and Metal Queens so when the video dropped it was a real surprise. And of course, the album is called Metal Queens and of course, the first single is Metal Queen originally from Lee Aaron. And there are covers from Acid, Santa, Hellion, and Zed Yago among others. This is gonna be a fun album.

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Monstrous riffs, haunting vocals and for a debut album, it is insanely good. Well okay, Witchrot had already in 2018 an EP out but to be honest, they improved a lot, without losing its filth the songs are more structured and the overall sound is still grindingly morbidly heavy but sounds just better now. Hollow is already digital available but the vinyl version will be done by DHU Records and is out on July 17.

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Mitsein from Brasil released a video for Revenge, taken from their 2020 album I’ll Find My Way. The band released after that also a couple of singles with strange enough a release date on July 1 of this year. I know we have different time zones on Earth but I didn’t know the difference was this big eh? Cool band with a lot of melody and power, go check their Heavy Metal out.

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More Heavy Metal, this time with a Modern edge to it, and I must say that New Saviors sounds pretty tight and fresh to me, I immediately started to tap along with my foot on Alive and was amazed by the vocals from Michaela. New Saviors released an EP in 2020 and a couple of singles and they have my attention now.

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Van Canto isn’t a big surprise anymore, you know what you can expect and yet the band still manages to surprise me every time I hear new music from them. Since 2006 Van Canto is spreading their acapella art and meanwhile we can expect album number eight on June 4. To the Power of Eight will be released via Napalm Records.

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I really like bands like Sacred Groove, within the music you can hear they have a lot of fun making it. Masterplan is the latest single from Sacred Groove, released a couple of days ago and I had it on repeat a dozen times, it just made me happy. Sacred Groove have a new fan.

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Cool, something I don’t hear very often, the use of a Qanun in Metal music. It gives the music from Tunisian Nawather a real Oriental vibe and I must say, Ryma Nakkach has a hypnotic voice so it’s a real pleasure to listen to Nawather. There’s also the heavy side of Nawather and this is provided by Wajdi Manai with his raw voice as a counterpart to the sweetness from Ryma. Check out their second full-length, Kenz Illusion which was released in February this year.

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