Mixtape with new music from Serenity in Murder, We are the Catalyst, Anotherkind, Burning Flag, Softcult, Maya Lakhani, Vengeant, Gone in April, Soulglass, and Sasha Sova

Serenity in Murder

Ten songs for your listening pleasure, usually I do nine but got excited and added one more. Today’s post is filled with new music that includes Deadly stuff, Ethereal stuff, Hardcore stuff, and Symphonic stuff so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Serenity in Murder by Yosuke Komatsu

Somehow I missed the release of Reborn, Serenity in Murder‘s fourth album that was released in February this year. And I also missed the change in vocalist, where Emi did the vocals for the first three albums now Ayumu has done the vocal parts, and well, she’s doing a great job on this, her hoarse growls fit the Symphonic Death Metal perfectly.

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Cool vid from We are the Catalyst, the Alternative Metallers from Sweden. And cool song too, Set the World on Fire is taken from their upcoming album that will be released in November 2021 via Flick Agency. November is far away and a long wait but I think we’ll get a couple more singles thrown our way so stay tuned with them.

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Such a cool project, Anotherkind is back with a new single, and it’s the third collaboration with Fabienne Erni from Eluveitie and Illumishade. Anotherkind is the brainchild from Infected Rain guitarist Vidick where he experiments with different genres and musicians and if it’s up to me, he keeps this going on forever. Sacred Place is such a beautiful song.

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UK Hardcore crew Burning Flag released Matador a few days ago and it’s a beast of an album, just like the one on the cover. Matador is the first album from Burning Flag with Holly Searle on vocals and I say, she’s a keeper.

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If you mix Nirvana with Love Spiral Downwards you get Softcult, the twin sisters Phoenix and Mercedes Arn Horn have managed to put two genres from the 90ies, Grunge and Ethereal Wave, into one EP, The Year of the Rat. There is already a big buzz going on about Softcult and I totally get that, I’m loving it too.

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And another rocket that is set to reach high orbit is British Rockstar Maya Lakhani. Maybe not yet a star, but she definitely will go places if she keeps it up like this. Walk Alone is Maya’s second single and has a strong message about women’s safety. Send her some love on her socials to stay tuned for more songs.

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Vengeant is new on the Metal front and is apparently so obsessed with the trading card game Magic: The Gathering that the whole concept of Vengeant is based upon it. I don’t know the game but Vengeant is giving us some kick-ass Symphonic Metal. The Unreal is the second single from Vengeant and is part of a five-track EP that’s set to be released somewhere in the nearby future. Vengeant is fronted by Danae Komodromou who also sings in Scarlet Desire.

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And more Symphonic Metal but this time a deadly version of it, Gone in April released in 2019 their third full-length Shards of Light and a few days ago unleashed an official video for the song Haven, taken off course from Shards of Light. In current times with so much music being released, I think this album is still relevant due to the combination of Symphonic and Melodic Death Metal so check them out, the vid has a really cool duel between bass and guitar.

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And more deadly Symphonic Metal, Soulglass from Finland released its debut full-length, Odeth, a few days ago, and its a killer album due to having two vocalists, Felicia and Lyra who both growl and where Lyra also take care of the clean singing but it is the growls from Felicia that gives the music a demonic tone.

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And today’s post we’re gonna end with Sasha Sova who did a vocal cover of Fighter, the song from In This Moment. Sasha might some of you know as Lady Owl, the singer from Russian Thrash Metallers Pokerface. I had the pleasure of doing an interview with her a few years ago that you can find HERE. With this cover, Sasha shows that she’s a very talented vocalist. Check out her YouTube channel with more covers and other stuff.

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