Mixtape with new music from Lilith Czar, Lasting Maze, Effigy of Hate, Seven Spires, Rachel Aspe, Void Inn, Darkher, Eazy, and Bendida

Lilith Czar

Nine songs for your listening pleasure, today’s post is filled with new music varying from Rock to Extreme Metal and everything in between so check it out and support the bands. If available, the songs are added to the Loud Unity Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow as it is updated on an almost daily basis.

Photo: Lilith Czar

What a fantastic album has become Created from Filth and Dust, the new album from Lilith Czar. Or should I say debut album as it is the first album that Juliet Simms does under the moniker, Lilith Czar. Juliet Simms is gone, Lilith Czar has risen is stated on her Facebook page and hopefully, Lilith will be with us for a long time.

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Lasting Maze from Brazil just recently released their EP Thunder with five songs on it. The cool thing with Lasting Maze is that the band incorporates a whole lot of influences in their music, making Thunder a nice versatile album that’s a pleasure to listen to, to call it something like Alternative Metal would be a good description. Cool band!

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Effigy of Hate is the brainchild of Canadian Jewelzz White and she presents her artistic works through YouTube among others. Some call it noise, I call it art but I’ll admit, Effigy of Hate isn’t for everybody, Check out the latest single Ashes from the Fire.

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Seven Spires kept themselves busy during the ongoing pandemic, in 2020 their latest album Emerald Seas was released and with the just recently released new single The Cursed Muse a message was added that we can expect a new studio album in fall 2021 and that’s good news. I always liked Seven Spires‘s approach towards Symphonic Metal and giving it a Blackened edge.

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Does anyone remember ETHS from France? Somewhere around 2016 they split up and Rachel Aspe was at that time their vocalist and recorded ETHS fourth studio album Ankaa with them, will be digging that album up again and listen to it tonight but for now, Rachel did a cool cover from Terror together with James Monteith and Ritch D M. Check out her YouTube channel with loads of cool covers. Not sure if she’s in a band right now, with some of her videos she states that’s she’s looking for a band, but I hope she finds one as she’s very talented.

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If you would ever ask me who has the ultimate voice to front a Heavy Metal band from now on the answer will be Jelena Vujanovic from Void Inn, what a power she has and her voice is the kinda voice that’s drenched in whisky and cigarette smoke, just perfect. Dead of Night is the latest single from their 2020 EP End This Game.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Darkher will come with a new album this year, released by Prophecy Productions, home of many great artists. Can’t wait for the full album, it been for about 5 years since Realms, Jayn Maiven’s debut full-length saw the light of day.

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Ready for some 80ies inspired Hardrock from Austria? Eazy would have been huge if they would have done this in the 80ies. I find it amazing how they manage to bring me back to those days where I was discovering Rock and Metal. It all went wrong when I discovered Napalm Death and started to search for more extreme bands but otherwise I would be probably still banging with fists in the air to tunes like from Eazy. Actually, I still do, and never mind, I’m wandering off. So, Eazy is awesome and you should stay tuned with them about their upcoming first album, I know I do.

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Bendida from Bulgaria never heard of them before but that changed with Сребърни Ята, their latest single which is Silver Flocks if you translate it. Original the song is from Georgi Minchev (RIP), one of the Rock pioneers from Bulgaria and Bendida made their Symphonic Metal version of it, and don’t know the original song but I like the version from Bendida for sure.

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